Episode 1, scene 2.

     [Norman Harrington has just walked Allison home from the library.]

AM:  Thanks, Norman.  
NH:  You're welcome.
AM:  Would you like to come in?
NH:  Well, I don't know, Allison.  It's kind of late.
AM:  Aw, come on.  It's not even nine.
NH:  Yeah, but.  Well, we've got that surprise history quiz tomorrow.
AM:  Some surprise.
NH:  I'd better try and pass this one.
AM:  Norman, what's wrong?
NH:  What do you mean?
AM:  You used to be the smartest boy in all our classes.
NH:  Yeah, but I got dumb all of a sudden.
AM:  Is there something wrong?
NH:  No. 
AM:  Then why?
NH:  Why what?
AM:  Oh, Norman, don't be exasperating.  We can talk, can't we?
NH:  Sure.
AM:  Then why aren't we?
NH:  I don't know what to say, Allison.
AM:  What is it you're not saying?  We're friends.  We've always been 
     friends.  We still are aren't we? 
NH:  Yeah, we're friends.  I mean, that hasn't changed.
AM:  Then what has?
NH:  Well, things get on my mind.  I can't concentrate.  I don't want to 
     talk about it. 
AM:  Norman, things get on everybody's mind.
NH:  Yeah.  Well, I'll see you tomorrow.
AM:  Norman.
     [Train whistle]
NH:  I wonder if he was on that train?
AM:  Who?
NH:  Dr. Rossi.  I told you about him.  My brother went down to pick him 
NH:  I'll see you tomorrow.

     [Norman leaves.  Allison goes inside.  Constance has been watching 
     the television news.] 

TVA: Be with us tomorrow night, same time, same channel . . .
CM:  Allison?
TVA: . . . for full coverage of the world news. 
AM:  Hello, mother.  What were you watching?
CM:  Oh, nothing important. 
AM:  What did you do all evening?
CM:  I didn't feel like going out.
AM:  Beautiful night.  There's almost a full moon.
CM:  Ooh, very romantic.
AM:  Yes it is.
AM:  Norman Harrington brought me back from the library.
CM:  Why didn't you invite him?
AM:  I did but he wanted to study.
CM:  I like Norman.
AM:  I know you do.  So do I.
CM:  Why don't you ever go out with him?  
AM:  Oh, he's too young.  Besides, we've been friends so long I think we 
     would both feel funny if we tried to date.  Maybe we'll double date.
CM:  And who would you be going with?
AM:  Oh, I don't know.  My Prince Charming is lurking somewhere.
CM:  In Peyton Place?
AM:  Why not?

AM:  {Looking at photograph of Mr. Mackenzie]  Sometimes I wish you would 
     get rid of that photograph. 
CM:  Why?
AM:  Because.
CM:  That's your father.
AM:  It's a photograph.  Mother, he died before I was born.  And you 
     can't be very happy living alone.

     [Mood music].

CM:  I don't live alone, Allison.
AM:  No.  I'm sorry.

     [Constance kisses her daughter on the left cheek.]

CM:  Oh.  Me too.
AM:  Oh.  Oh, I forgot.  I was supposed to deliver my newspaper column.  Now 
     I've got to run all the way back to the square. 

AM:  Mother.  You'll always be the most wonderful person in the world to me. 
CM:  I'm not really all that wonderful.
AM:  Yes, you are.

     [Allison rushes out.]

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