Dialog from Episode 1, scene 3.

     [Betty and Rodney pull up to the train station to await Dr. Rossi.]

RH:  Right on time.
BA:  And it leaves on time, too.  Nothing ever happens around here. 
RH:  Would you like to be going somewhere?  Like Tokyo, or Paris, Hong Kong? 
BA:  Rod, trains don't go to Tokyo, Paris, or Hong Kong.  They go to 
     Boston, New York, and Niagra Falls. 
RH:  Niagra Falls?
BA:  Oh, why not?
RH:  That's cornball.  Nobody ever goes there anymore.
BA:  And where are we going? 
RH:  Oh, places.  Lots of places. 
BA:  Like the Pond? 
RH:  What the matter with the view from there?  Certainly was nice all 
     summer long, wasn't it? 
BA:  Summer is ending, Rod.
RH:  Okay, we'll make it a long hot autumn. 

     [They kiss.] 

BA:  There he is.

     [Rodney gets out of the car and walks over to the doctor.]

RH:  Dr. Rossi?
MR:  Yes.
RH:  I'm Rodney Harrington.
MR:  Oh, hello, Rodney.
RH:  Dr. Brooks was my uncle.
MR:  Oh, well I . . .
RH:  Not much to say.
RH:  I'll get those.
MR:  Thanks.
RH:  Aunt Laura would have come down but . . .
RH:  Dr. Rossi, this is Betty Anderson.
MR:  Hello, Betty.
BA:  Hello.
RH:  I was such a nice night, Betty wanted a ride.
MR:  Oh, I understand.  It's a lovely warm evening.
BA:  And there aren't many left.
RH:  I made a reservation for you at the Inn.
MR:  Good.
BA:  Oh, it's the only one, isn't it Rod?
NH:  You'll find things a little different than New York.
MR:  Well, I might like that difference.

     [They arrive at the Colonial Post Inn.]

MR:  Thanks for the lift.
RH:  My pleasure, Dr. Rossi.
MR:  Goodnight, miss Anderson.
BA:  Goodnight.

     [Dr. Rossi goes in the Inn.]

RH:  I'll just tell dad, Dr. Rossi arrived safe and sound.
BA:  Where do you want to go afterward?
RH:  [With passion]  Wherever you want.

     [They Kiss]
     [Scene ends as they motor toward the Mill.]

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