Dialog from Episode 1, scene 4.

     [Teletype® is heard in the Clarion office as Allison enters.]

AM:  Evening, Uncle Matt.  I forgot to bring in my Teen Topics column.
MS:  Well, that is a courting moon tonight.
AM:  I wasn't courting.  I was in the library.
MS:  With Norman Harrington.
AM:  How did you know?
MS:  Well, first, there is the law of probablilty.  And second, I saw you 
     coming out with him.  That's still a courting moon going to waste. 
AM:  That's what I told mother.  Not in so many words.
MS:  What did you tell your mother?
AM:  I tried to indicate that maybe she should stop living in the past so 
MS:  Agreed.
AM:  What will happen next year if I go away to college?
MS:  You could go here to Peyton.
AM:  Suppose I don't.  Suppose I do go away?  Mother has built so much of 
     her life around me. 
MS:  Your mother is a very strong woman, Allison.  Stronger than you know.
AM:  It's just that I feel so . . .
MS:  . . . Obligated.
AM:  Yes.
MS:  Well, do things out of love, Allison, and not because of an obligation. 
AM:  Sounds so simple.
MS:  It isn't.
AM:  Here's my column.  Goodnight, Uncle Matt.
MS:  Going home?
AM:  Uh huh.  No, I won't.  I'm going to take a walk under that courting 
     moon and I'm going to . . . 
MS:  . . . write a poem. 
AM:  [Shakes her head no.]  Make a wish. 

     [Allison leaves the Clarion.]

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