Episode 1, scene 5.

JA:  Well, I've finished everything except the letter to Boston.
LH:  Type it up in the morning.
JA:  You'd better check this.  Here, did you mean expedite?
LH:  Expedite.  That's correct.

LH:  Julie?
JA:  Oh, please, Les.
     [Leslie gets up from his desk and goes over to Julie.  He puts his 
     hands on her shoulders.] 
LH:  All right.
JA:  Well, you understand.
LH:  No, I don't.
JA.  I'm tired.
LH:  Julie, I've got an idea.  I'll have to go to New York in a couple of 
     weeks.  We can get away from all this. 
JA:  [Firmly]  No, Les.
LH:  Why not?
JA:  So many reasons.  Why won't you understand?
LH:  I understand how I feel about you.
JA:  It's Rodney and Betty.  They've been going together all summer.
LH:  Kids go steady these days. 
JA:  Kids get married.
LH:  Betty?  What I mean is my boy has to go through college.
JA:  Well, that's not all you mean, Les.  Why don't you say it.  Go on, 
     say it.  Betty is not the kind of girl you have to marry.  She'll 
     make a good secretary, just like her mother. 
LH:  Julie, that's not true.  That's not the way I feel at all.  This 
     whole thing hasn't been easy on me either.  Julie, I'm not casual 
     about you, believe me. 

     [Rodney comes in Leslie's office and catches his father kissing his 
     [Mood music] 

RH:  Good evening, Dad.  Good evening, Mrs. Anderson.

     [Julie Anderson slinks out.]
     [Mood music].

LH:  All right, Rodney, what did you want?
RH:  I just stopped by to tell you that I dropped Dr. Rossi off at the 
     Inn.  I'm sorry for walking in on you, dad.  It won't happen again. 
LH:  Rod.  
RH:  Yes, sir?
LH:  Where are you going?

RH:  You don't want me for anything, do you dad?
LH:  Rod.  Look at me.
RH:  Yes, sir.
LH:  About what you just saw.
RH:  Yes, sir?
LH:  Rod, I don't want you to get any mis-conceptions.
RH:  Oh, no sir.
LH:  Rod, I'm not saying this is right.  But, Rod, Mrs. Anderson and I . . .
RH:  Stop calling her Mrs. Anderson.  Just call her Betty's mother.

     [Rodney leaves and goes back to his car.]

BA:  Rod, well, what's wrong?
RH:  I'll take you home.
BA:  Well, it's early.
RH:  It's late.

     [Back in the office.]

LH:  Don't worry, I'll make them understand.
JA:  What will you make them understand, Les?

     [Rodney drives recklessly.]
     [Rodney pulls in the Anderson drive-way.]
     [The tag number on Rodney's car is 791-352.]

BA:  I thought we were going to the pond.
RH:  Some other time.  I mean some other time.
BA:  Rod, what's this all about?
RH:  Just drop it.
BA:  Rod, what are you doing?
RH:  I'll call you, maybe tomorrow.
BA:  Maybe tomorrow?  Rod, what have I done?
RH:  You?  Nothing.

BA:  What did your father say up there?
RH:  Nothing.
BA:  Rod, you keep on saying nothing.
RH:  I don't have anything else to say.  Oh, Betty, we've been getting 
     serious, too serious. 
BA:  Is that what he said? 
RH:  He didn't day anything about you.  He didn't say anything at all.  
     I just . . .  Oh, please Betty, do what I say.  Drop it.  Give me 
     time to think about something. 
BA:  All right, Rod.  All right, you think about it.  I'll do a lot of 
     thinking, too. 

     [Betty gets out of the car, angrily.]
     [Rod drives away angrily.]

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