Episode 1, scene 6.

     Rodney pulls up in the Anderson driveway and parks.]
     [Crickets are heard.]

BA:  I thought we were going to the pond.
RH:  Some other time.  I mean.  Some other time.
BA:  Rod, what is this all about?
RH:  Just drop it.

BA:  Rod, what are you doing?
RH:  I'll call you maybe tomorrow.
BA:  Maybe tomorrow?  Rod, what have I done?
RH:  You, nothing.
BA:  What did your father say up there?
RH:  Nothing.
BA:  Rod, you keep on saying nothing.
RH:  I don't have anything else to say.  Betty, we've been getting 
     pretty serious, too serious. 
BA:  Is that what he said?
RH:  He didn't say anything about you.  He didn't say anything at all.  
     I just, uh.  Oh, please Betty, do what I say.  Just drop it.  Give 
     me time to think about something.
BA:  All right, Rod.  All right.  You think about it and I'll think 
     about it.  I'll do a lot of thinking, too. 

     [Betty gets out of the car angrily.  Rodney speeds off.  A little 
     further he almost hits Allison who is returning home.  A speed limit 
     15 MPH sign is seen in the background.] 

RH:  What the heck's the matter.  Oh, Allison, I'm sorry.
AM:  That's all right.  You missed me.
RH:  Where are you going?
AM:  Home.
RH:  Come on.  I'll give you a ride.  

RH:  Don't worry, Allison.  I'll take you straight home. 
AM:  You didn't have to say that, Rodney.
AM:  You're right.  Hop in.

     [Allison gets in.  Rodney continues driving wildly.]

AM:  Why did you have to do that, Rodney?
RH:  I wanted to.
AM:  Why?
RH:  For no particular reason.
AM:  I see.  Goodnight.
RH:  Allison, I'm sorry.
AM:  That's all right.  
RH:  No.  I mean it.  I'm just trying to smash things up.
AM:  Is there something wrong?
RH:  Oh, a little.
AM:  I'm sorry.
RH:  We keep saying, I'm sorry.  First me.  Then you.
AM:  I'm sorry.

AM:  Goodnight.
RH:  Allison, how come you don't mix?
AM:  I have friends.
RH:  You know, you could fit in.  I mean, you're not a bad looking chick. 
     Well, that's it, isn't it?.  You're not a chick at all.  You're . . .
     I don't know.  What are you? 
AM:  What are you?
RH:  Me?  Oh, I got lost somewhere down the line.  Hey, let's go for a 
     nice long, slow ride, huh? 
AM:  No, I can't.
RH:  Why not?  Mother waiting, huh? 
AM:  She's not waiting.  She expects me.
RH:  And if you don't get right home she's going to wonder what  happened 
     to her little girl.  Has anything ever happened to her little girl? 
AM:  No.
RH:  I was always right there.
AM:  Because of me.  Because, I don't have to explain.
RH:  Oh, I'm sorry.  I'm sorry.  

RH:  Hey.  Are you doing something Friday night?
AM:  Aren't you going steady?
RH:  Not any more.  How about it?
AM:  Well I, I guess it's all right.
RH:  Okay.  It's a date.

     [Rodney kisses Allison without much warning.]

AM:  Now you can tell everyone I'm frigid.
RH:  No, no, you can tell everybody I'm dumb.

     [Allison puts her right arm around Rodney's neck and kisses him.]
     [Allison gets out of Rodney's car.]

RH:  See you Friday.

     [Allison goes to her house.]
     [Constance has been watching.]

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