Dialog from Episode 1, scene 7.

     [Allison has come in the house and gone upstairs.  Constance 
     follows Allison up to her room. 

CM:  You didn't say goodnight.
AM:  Oh, I meant to.
CM:  That was Rodney Harrington, wasn't it?
AM:  Yes.
CM:  I don't want you seeing him.
AM:  We were only . . . only . . .
CM:  That's how it starts.
AM:  I want it to start.  I want to be in love.
CM:  That isn't love.
AM:  I don't know what it is, but I have to find out.
CM:  I don't want you hurt.
AM:  Don't try to protect me.  Let me try to take care of myself.
CM:  Goodnight, Allison, I love you.
AM:  Goodnight, Mother,  I love you, too.

     [Constance leaves the room.]

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