Episode 1, scene 8.

     [Matthew walks over near the Pillory and speaks with Dr. Rossi.]

MS:  You're Michael Rossi?
MR:  Oh, Yes.  How did you know?
MS:  I'm Matthew Swain, publisher Peyton Place Clarion.  
MR:  Oh, I . . .

     [They shake hands, as men are prone to do.]

MS:  I put your picture in the paper.  Impressed?
MR:  Absolutely.
MS:  Have you ever lived in a small town?
MR:  I can't say that I have.
MS:  Well, you have an experience ahead of you.  Some morning you're 
     going to wake up and realize every face you see is familiar.  And 
     you're going to have a definite feeling about each person and they 
     will have a definite feeling about you.  They may love you or hate 
     you but they won't be indifferent. 
MR:  I hope that's true.  That's one of the reasons I came to Peyton Place.
MS:  Goodnight.
MR:  Goodnight, Mr. Swain.

     [Matthew walks toward the Clarion.  Rossi walks toward the Inn.]

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