Episode 2, scene 1.

     [From the dormer window.]

AM:  Good morning, Mr. Foley.
F:   Good morning, Allison.
     [Narration by Warner Anderson]

     [Allison runs down to the mailbox and gets the mail.]
CM:  Allison?
AM:  Right away, Mother.

     [Allison opens a large manilla envelope.  It is a returned 
     manuscript from a publisher in New York City.] 

CM:  Good morning, Allison.
AM:  Good Morning.
CM:  I wish I could learn to fry bacon so it doesn't curl.
AM:  Yeah.
CM:  Which one?
AM:  The Post.  The assistant editor says my writing shows promise.
CM:  Well, you'll just have to send it out again.
CM:  Don't let your eggs get cold.
AM:  You know, the trouble is I just don't have the experience.  I mean, I'm 
     writing things about life without ever having experienced it. 
CM:  You're only 17.
AM:  Almost 18.
CM:  Allison, why don't you let me read your story.  For instance, what's 
     this one about? 
AM:  About a relationship between a man and a woman.
CM:  What does that mean? 
AM:  Oh, Mother.  You know what it means.
AM:  I guess I'm just not qualified to write about that yet.
CM:  Well then don't try to write.
     I sell enough books in the book store too well qualified on the subject.
     There are so many wonderful things for a girl to write about.
     The point is a girl your age . . .
AM:  Will you please stop it.  Do you think I'm still a child? 
CM:  No, but . . .
AM:  When you were my age, you were married and had a baby. 
CM:  Very well, finish your breakfast.
AM:  I'm not hungry.
AM:  How did you happen to see me with Rodney Harrington last night? 
CM:  Well, I wasn't spying.  I heard him drive up and I looked to see who it was.
AM:  We weren't necking.
AM:  He kissed me once.  And I kissed him once.  Mother, you saw 
     everything there was to see. 
CM:  I'm a little confused.  I thought it was Rodney's brother, Norman, 
     you were seeing. 
AM:  Norman and I are friends. 
CM:  Oh, I'm still confused.  Isn't Rodney going with Betty Anderson?
AM:  They broke off.
CM:  When?
AM:  I don't know.
CM:  You know Rodney's reputation.
AM:  I'm not interested in people's reputations.  Especially Peyton Place 
AM:  I'm only interested in how he acts with me.
CM:  So am I.
AM:  Mother, I'm tired of being something special.  Like, I don't know, 
     like some sort of museum piece. with a big sign on it.  19th century 
     mid-victorian please do not touch.
CM:  You don't have to be like everybody else. 
AM:  Do I have to be different?  Rod asked me to see him Friday night.  
     And I'm going to. 
CM:  Why?

     [Allison leaves.]
     [Allison returns.]

CM:  Oh, Allison.  I just want to be proud of you.
AM:  Aren't you now?
CM:  Of course.
AM:  Then prove it.
CM:  Prove it?
AM:  Trust me.

AM:  I better get my books.

     [Constance sits at the breakfast table and opens the Clarion to 
     see a picture of Dr. Michael Rossi. 

                       NEW YORK DOCTOR ARRIVES
                          IN PEYTON PLACE

AM:  I better get going.  We've got a history quiz this morning.
AM:  Mother, what's wrong?  You look like you have seen a ghost.

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