Episode 2, scene 2.
     Norman and Rodney's Bedroom on the second floor of the Harrington 
     mansion.  Rodney is playing the grammaphone very loud.

NH:  Hey, Rod.  Will you turn it down?
RH:  What's bugging you?
NH:  I've got a test.
RH:  In the morning?
NH:  I've got a history quiz.

RH:  [Reading]  Who were the principal participants at the Congress of Vienna
     How did you know the question?
NH:  I don't.  It's a possible question.
RH:  Well, who were they?
NH:  Tallyrand, Metternick, Alexander, and Alexander the first.

NH:  [Slamming book closed]  Well, I don't care.
RH:  Well, listen, Norman, if you want to go to college, you . . .
NH:  I'm not sure I do.  I mean, what's the point?  Huh?  Are you 
     getting anything out of it? 
RH:  Well, You and I are different.  I mean, you were always the brain.
NH:  Yeah.  Sure.
RH:  Well, you don't have to agree with me.  

RH:  Okay.  Tell big brother. 
NH:  Tell you what?
RH:  What's clogging the gray cells?
NH:  Nothing.
RH:  Norman, you used to breeze through school.
NH:  I lost interest.
RH:  Why?
NH:  No reason.
RH:  Man, you're hard to.
NH:  Look, I'm not trying to converse.

RH:  Okay, okay, kid.
NH:  Hey, Rod.  Don't call me kid. 
RH:  I'm sorry. 

RH:  You having problems, Norm, like with chicks or something?
NH:  No.
RH:  What about Allison Mackenzie?
NH:  What about her?
RH:  You still see her?
NH:  Sure I see her.
RH:  Ever going to date her?
NH:  Allison and I are good friends.  Why?
RH:  I ran into her last night.
NH:  Where?
RH:  Around.  I gave her a ride home.
NH:  I thought you went out with Betty Anderson?
RH:  Well, I took her home early.

RH:  About you and Allison?
NH:  What about us?
RH;  Ii's not a thing, is it?
NH:  No, it's not a thing.
RH:  Well, look I just want to be sure
     Hey Look, Rod.  What are you getting at?
RH:  Come on Norman.  Don't be a drag.
     I have asked Allison for a date and I want to be sure I'm not 
     putting a knife in you.  That's all. 

RH:  Well, I'm not, am I?
NH:  Is she going out with you?
RH:  I caught her when her guard was down.
NH:  You dropping Betty Anderson?
RH:  Well, we were getting a little too deep.  I decided to play the field.
NH:  I never knew Allison was in the field.

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