Episode 2, scene 3.

     [Leslie and Catherine's bedroom in the mansion]

LH:  What are you doing today?
CH:  Oh, nothing much.  I am planning on to go to Boston, tomorrow.  
     There's a new exhibit by a Brazilian painter.  And besides I want 
     to see my father. 
LH:  You could call the hospital.
CH:  I haven't seen my father for a week.  I've been thinking, I might 
     arrange for him to come home. 
LH:  Now Catherine, that's impossible.
CH:  You said this new doctor who's taking Donald's place . . .
     Rossey . . .
LH:  Rossi.
CH:  Rossey, Rossi.  You said he's brilliant.
LH:  That's what I heard.  Why don't we wait and see for ourselves?  
LH:  Give your father my love.
CH:  I'll be sure to do that Leslie.
LH:  Oh, Tell him George Anderson called from New York.  Thinks we'll get 
     that supply contract.
CH:  George is beginning to work out?
LH:  Fine.  Fine.  He'll do all right.
CH:  Well, I'm glad.  For Julie's sake.  Maybe now she'll be able to stop 
LH:  Give your father my love.
CH:  You said that already, Leslie.
LH:  Then say it twice.

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