Episode 2, scene 4.

     [Leslie comes down the stairs and into the dining room.]

LH:  Morning.
RH:  Good morning.

     [Leslie shuts the door behind him.]
     [June starts to serve Leslie.]
LH:  That's all right, June.  I'll serve myself, thank you.
     Is that all you're having?
RH:  I have a class.
LH:  I want to talk to you, Rod.
RH:  I'm late.
LH:  You've been late to class before.  Sit down.  Sit down, Rod.
RH:  Yes, sir.
LH:  Now, don't start that again.
RH:  No, sir.

LH:  Rod, about last night.  I want to clear up any mis-conceptions.
RH:  I don't have any mis-conceptions, Dad.  I saw you.
LH:  You saw something, all right.  You saw a mistake, Rod.
LH:  Now, Mrs. Anderson and I are together all day long.  We were tired.
     She's attractive and I did kiss her.
RH:  Yes sir.
LH:  I want you to forget last night.
RH:  Yes, I better go now.
LH:  Rod, you're old enough to understand, that this kind of thing can 
     happen when things aren't exactly right at home. 
RH:  Tell me, dad.  Why did you have to pick on the mother of the girl 
     I've been going around with? 

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