Episode 2, scene 5.

     [Betty is on the phone in the Anderson kitchen talking with June.]

BA:  Well, did he get my last message?

BA:  Oh.  Uh, will you take another message, please?

BA:  Tell him to call Betty Anderson.  

BA:  Thank you.

     [Betty hangs up the phone.]

JA:  Do you think that was really a good idea?
BA:  I've got to reach him.
JA:  Something special?
BA:  More or less.
JA:  Well now, which is it, huh?
BA:  It's more.

BA:  Aren't you late this morning?
JA:  Oh, a couple of minutes.  Mr. Harrington will forgive me.
BA:  Has he ever say anything about Rod and me?
JA:  Who?
BA:  Mr. Harrington.
JA:  Well, No, no not really,  Why?
BA:  I just wondered.
JA:  Well, tell me.
BA:  Well, Rod stopped at the mill last night and he wanted to see his 
     father about Rossi.  You know, the new doctor.
JA:  Yes.
BA:  Well, he came back in five minutes and evrything was different.
BA:  We broke off last night.  Or he broke off.
JA:  What did he say?
BA:  He said, "I'll call you."
     Mother, you didn't hear them talking, did you?

JA:  No, I was downstairs.
BA:  Downstairs?
JA:  I had to get something out of the files.

JA:  Betty, don't keep after Rod.  There are other boys.
BA:  I don't want anyone else.  Besides, I don't want to be dropped.
     Not after all this time.
     [Mood music]
JA:  Oh, Betty.
BA:  Oh Mother, I'm in love with him.  I want to get married.
     I thought maybe we'd get married, maybe this summer.
JA:  I didn't know you were that serious.
BA:  What shall I do?
JA:  Don't chase him.
BA:  Oh, That's easy to say.
JA:  He'll come back to you.  You'll see.
     And when your father comes home, I wouldn' tell him.
BA:  Why not?
JA:  You know how angry he can be.
BA:  Not with me.  Mother . . .
JA:  Yes?
BA:  Never mind.

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