Episode 2, scene 6.

MS:  Good morning.
MR:  Oh, good morning, Mr. Swain.
MS:  Matt.  

MS:  I see I've picked up a new reader.
MR:  A grateful one.  Thanks for the story.  
MS:  Well, it does pay to advertise.  Ethically, of course.
MR:  Yes, sentimentally, you don't think I can get a couple of more 
     copies of this, do you.  I know someone that kind of keeps a scrapbook.
MS:  Well, you stay in Peyton Place long enough, we'll fill it up for 
     you.  But, Connie Mackenzie opens at nine o'clock.  She'll have all 
     the extra copies you want. 
MR:  Oh, fine, fine.
MS:  Anything you need, let me know.
MR:  Thanks.

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