Episode 2, scene 7.
     [Dr. Rossi goes in his new office and startles Laura Brooks by 
     clearing his throat.]

MR:  Oh.

     [Laura almost falls.]

LB:  I'm sorry.
MR:  Are you all right?
LB:  Sure I am.  You're Dr. Rossi.
MR:  Yes.
LB:  I'm Laura Brooks.  I was taking Donald's diplomas down.  You must 
     think I'm foolish, leaving them there these last months. 
MR:  No.  No, I don't.
LB:  Familiar isn't it?  
MR:  Yes, well, we were in the same class.
LB:  He wasn't a very good student.

LB:  He was a very good doctor.
MR:  Yes, I'm sure he was.
LB:  I don't know why I'm defending him.
MR:  You don't have to.
LB:  Peyton Place misses him.  He had a touch with people.  I'm sorry Dr. 
     Rossi.  I shouldn't be talking about Donald.  I wouldn't except you 
     were his friend.  And he did read the letters you wrote to him.  I'm 
     awfully glad it is you and not some stranger taking over his 
MR:  Mrs. Brooks, I know how difficult this can be for you.
LB:  I'm all right doctor.  And I would like to be as useful to you as I 
MR:  Wouldn't you prefer I take care of these other things myself.
LB:  There are so many odds and ends.  Why two of Donald's patients 
     called already today.  I mean your patients, doctor.  They read of 
     your arrival and wanted me to appointments for them. 
LB:  Will you be keeping the same hours as Donald kept
MR:  Well, What do you suggest?
LB:  I think it would be best til you get settled in.
     You'll probably find things are somewhat differeent around here.
MR:  Yes.  Yes.

     [Mood music]

LB:  Don't Let me inhibit you, doctor.
MR:  Thanks.

MR:  Mrs. Brooks, could you set up those two appointments for me?
LB:  Yes, doctor.  Right away.

MR:  And you might as well come back and brief me on the other patients.
LB:  Yes, doctor.  I'll bring in their histories.

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