Episode 2, scene 8.

     [Dr. Rossi goes in the Book Gallery]

CM:  Be right with you.
MR:  No hurry.

     [Constance finishes up with a customer.]

CM:  May I help you?
MR:  Matthew Swain said I could get a couple of extra copies of the 
     Peyton Place Clarion here.
CM:  Oh, yes.  Right over here.
MR:  I'm going to need about five copies.
CM:  Five?
MR:  It isn't every day that you get your picture on the front page.
MR:  I'm Michael Rossi.
CM:  Constance Mackenzie.
MR:  Mrs?
CM:  Mrs.
MR:  Mrs.
CM:  Five will be fifty cents.
MR:  Fifty cents.  No quantity discount?
CM:  There really should be.

     [Constance opens cash register.]

MR:  Mrs. Mackenzie . . .  
CM:  Yes?
MR:  Did we ever meet before?

     [Hattie comes in.]

CM:  Oh, excuse me.
H:   Hi, good morning, Constance.
H:   Has the new Agatha Christie come in yet?
CM:  It's due in today, Hattie.
H:   Well, save me one.  I can't wait to see what that woman's up to this 
CM:  I'll call you as soon as it comes in.
H:   Fine, goodbye.
CM:  Anything else?
H:   No I don't think so.  Good bye.

     [Hattie leaves]

MR:  I do know you.
CM:  Why?  I don't think so.
MR:  Well, I have a phenomenal memory.  It's what got me through medical school.
CM:  It's possible, Dr. Rossi, but I don't remember you.  I'm sorry.
MR:  Well, maybe my mistake.  I have a feeling that if we did meet we 
     will remember. 
CM:  Thank you, Dr. Rossi.
MR:  Goodbye, Mrs. Mackenzie.  I'll probably be a regular customer.
     I read a lot.  Agatha Christie. 

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