Episode 2, scene 9.

     [In the Clarion, Matthew is typing and giving instructions to Jerry.] 

MS:  Jerry, the page two lead will run around 4 sticks.  Better hold room for 5.

     [Constance comes in the Clarion.]

CM:  Matt, I've got to talk to you.  
MS:  I've always got time for shirt tail relative.  What's on your mind?
CM:  Rossi.  He was just in.
MS:  I know, I sent him.  See there's no point in giving free newspapers 
     when he can buy them from you.
CM:  He said he thought he had seen me before.
MS:  Well, that's the usual conversational opening.
CM:  Oh, no, it isn't.  He was on the board when Allison was born.
     He was an orderly . . .
MS:  It's almost 18 years ago.
CM:  I know.
MS:  Why would he remember you?
CM:  Matt.  I had a terribly hard time.  I was in the hospital almost 
     three weeks.  And he was very attentive. 
MS:  Even so.
CM:  Oh, don't you see, Matt.  I remember him.
MS:  Even if Rossi does remember you, what about it?
CM:  Young widow.
MS:  How were you otherwise?
CM:  Matt, there were so many young widows on that ward.  You don't 
     understand.  I lied to him just now.  I think he feels I lied. 
MS:  Not wait a minute constance.  You're not the only woman to whom this 
     kind of thing ever happened. 
MS:  For almost 18 years you have held yourself apart from Allison
     from the town from anyone you might have loved you
     any one you might
MS:  Maybe the good book is right.  The truth shall set you free.
CM:  The truth might set me free, but what would it do to Allison?

John 8:32.

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