Episode 4, scene 3

     Dialog between Dr. Rossi and Seth Clay.

     Rossi is helping his patient on with his coat.

MR:  You shouldn't be doing any heavy work at all, not with your medical 
SC:  Well, it's either that or get laid off.  Mr. Harrington is not an 
     easy man.  You think maybe you could talk to him, doctor? 
MR:  Well, I'll make it my business to, huh?

     [Constance barges in without being without being invited.]
     [Constance is wearing a white dress and for an instant could be taken 
     for a nurse.] 

CM:  Oh.  Excuse me.
SC:  Evening, ma'am.  Evening, sir. 

     [Seth leaves].  

MR:  Well, can I help you?
CM:  It isn't a professional visit, Dr. Rossi.
MR:  Well, come on inside anyway.  It's more comfortable.  I wish I could 
     go through some kind of social amenities for you like offering you 
     coffee or something.  Here, sit down. 
CM:  It's not necessary.
CM:  How do you find Peyton Place?
MR:  Well, it's different from New York.
CM:  That's quite an adjustment.
MR:  Did you find it an adjustment?
CM:  I was born here.  Born and bred.  I studied in NY.  That's why I was 
     there when Allison was born. 
MR:  What did you really come here to tell me, Mrs. Mackenzie?
CM:  I lied to you when I said I didn't recognize you.
MR:  I knew that.
CM:  I'm sorry.
MR:  What is it?  What is it you're afraid of?
CM:  I've lied to my daughter.  I told her she was born to her widowed 
     mother in a lovely private room in an expensive hospital.  I 
     couldn't tell her that she was born in the public ward in Belle View. 
MR:  Why not?
CM:  Well, it was squalid.
MR:  Squalid?  Well, at least it was clean.  I ought to know, I kept it 
     clean myself.  Look, a lot of children are born in the public wards 
     at Belle view.  There's no stigma attached to that.  
CM:  I know that.  But . . .
MR:  But, what?
CM:  I don't know what to say to you.
MR:  What is it you want to say?
CM:  I don't want Allison to find out I've lied to her.  About where she 
     was born . . . 
MR:  Or how she got her name?
CM:  Yes.
MR:  All right.  Is that all?
CM:  Yes, except that my daughter is the most important person in my life.
MR:  Well, it sounds honest.  Please don't put me in any false position, 
     Mrs. Mackenzie.  I'm not here to pass any judgment on you.  I'm 
     Michael Rossi.  I was the orderly that took an interest in you when 
     you were at Belle view. I was the one that brought you the flowers.  
     I went to find you when you left.  I may have passed some judgement 
     in those days but that was 18 years ago. 
MR:  Now, may I ask you something, please?
CM:  Yes.
MR:  Will you have dinner with me tonight.
CM:  I can't, but thank you very much.
MR:  I'll ask again.
CM:  Good night, Dr. Rossi.

     [Very loud mood music.]

MEL:  [Seth Clay is spoken of by name in episode 45.  He is not identified 
      in this episode.]

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