Episode 49 scene 1.

     Dialog between Paul Hanley and the appraiser Mr. Arvin.
     Paul is standing as Mr. Arvin knocks on the door.

PH:  Come in.
A:   I've completed an inventory, Mr. Hanley.
PH:  All right.  Fine.
A:   Except for this room.
PH:  Will I be in your way?
A:   No.  No, you won't bother me a bit.
A:   Well, lets see.  One bed.
PH:  One bed, shared by Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Hanley for eleven years.  
A:   Okay.  Pictures.  One bureau.
PH:  One bureau, used by Mr. Hanley since the death of his wife.  
A:   Photographs.
PH:  Photographs, the entire Hanley family.  Mr. and Mrs. Hanley, their 
     beloved son Paul.  Their beloved daughter Elizabeth.  
A:   You don't want to auction these.
OH:  Why?  Wouldn't they bring much?
A:   Anything in those bureau drawers?
PH:  Well, let's see.  
          [Paul walks over and opens the bureau.]
PH:  Strange how much people lock up during their lives.
          [Paul removes some keys.]
PH:  Keys, Mr. Arvin.  
A:   Yes, I see them.
A:   One rocker.
     This rocker dates back to the 1800's, I believe.  My mother used to 
     sit here. 
          [Paul sits in the rocker.]
PH:  Mr. Arvin.  Do you have any idea how many rockers were manufactured in 
     the US last year? 
A:   Do you what's in this closet?
PH:  No, I don't have the slightest idea.
A:   It's locked.
          [Paul gets up from the rocker and unlocks the closet.
           He motions as if to say, "There it is."]

          [Mr. Arvin motions if to say, "Bring it out."]
A:   Bring it out.
          [Paul drags the trunk out of the closet.]
A:   Can't tell what's in it without looking.       
          [Paul unlatches the trunk, but can't seem to unlock it.]
PH:  Well, one locked trunk, kept locked in a closet, contents unknown. 

Mr. Arvin-George Chandler.

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