Episode 6, scene 5

     [Dr. Rossi and Laura Brooks leave the Peyton Professional Building.]

MR:  Well, thanks for working so late this evening, miss Brooks.
LB:  Oh, I'm used to it.  Remember, I used to keep Donald's hours with 
     him.  You must be hungry.  
MR:  Yes, I'm going to go over to the Inn and try the blue plate special.  
LB:  I'd ask you home, but . . . 
MR:  Why don't you come and have dinner with me? 
LB:  Thank you, I'd like to.  But I don't think I'd better.
MR:  Oh, Peyton Place, huh?
LB:  They do gossip.
MR:  Listen, do you think it will be all right If I walk you over to 
     your car? 
LB:  Well, I think we might get away with it.

LB:  Uh, I don't sound like a prude, do I?  I'm not.  I'm just trying 
     to make you understand Peyton Place better.  Quite different from 
     New York City. 
MR:  And so far, I like those differences.
LB:  Don't you miss the city?
MR:  No, not yet.  

MR:  What is all this?
LB:  Founders Day Festival.
MR:  Well, I don't even know who founded New York.
LB:  It was Peter Stuyvesant, wasn't it?
MR:  Was it?
LB:  I don't know, you're the New Yorker.
MR:  Well, you see, that's my point.  You know who founded Peyton 
     Place.  Even I know that.  Sam Peyton.
LB:  But, what do you know about him?
MR:  Well, Let's see . . .   Nothing.
LB:  Well doctor.  He was a rebel.  Rebelling against strict controls of 
     the bay colony.  He came here to live and worship as he pleased.
     But before long he was imposing his ideas on everybody else.
MR:  Well, What did they do?
LB:  Some moved away.
MR:  Well, I don't like to move around a lot.  I like to stand my 
       [Laura changes her mind.] 
LB:  Dr. Rossi, I think I'm ready to risk a little gossip to have that 
     blue plate special. 
MR:  Well, I think I'll risk the blue plate special.

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