Episode 9, scene 7.

     Leslie talks with Catherine in her bedroom.

LH:  Feeling better?
CH:  I am all right, Leslie.
LH:  Anything I can get you?
CH:  No.
LH:  Robert said it is just nerves.  I mean, nothing to be alarmed about.
CH:  I know what Robert said.  Are people still here?
LH:  They are just leaving.
CH:  Allison's sweet.  

     [Catherine starts filing her nails.]

CH:  At least she is an improvement over Betty.
LH:  Betty is a nice girl.
CH:  You always defend her, don't you?  All the Andersons.
     Betty is all right.  Julie is a perfect secretary.
LH:  Julie is a good secretary.
CH:  Really?  You see, you defend her, yet you are critical of me.
     A glass of water, please.

CH:  How late did you work last night?
LH:  Why do you ask?  You were up when I got home.
CH:  Was George up when Julie got home?

     [Catherine takes a drink of the water.]

LH:  Catherine you are not feeling well.  This is no time for an argument.
CH:  Are we having an argument?

CH:  Put it back please.
LH:  There is so much we don't agree on.  Julie, Betty, Norman.
CH:  Why bring Norman into this.
     Okay.  Let it go.  But he is grown up now.  And so is Rodney.
LH:  It was different when they were younger and needed us.
CH:  What do you mean?
LH:  I am just saying that I seem to make you unhappy, Catherine. 
CH:  And I seem to make you unhappy.  That is really the point isn't it?  
     Why don't you say what you mean?  I might respect you for it. 

LH:  Catherine.
CH:  It's the old story, isn't it, Leslie? 
     I was young and pretty when you married me 
     and my father owned the mill.
     And I'm not so young and you run the mill.
     But I own it. 

CH:  Have you ever stopped to think, Leslie, what would happen to you if 
     we separated?
LH:  I built up that business for you and your father.  And I've earned 
     every cent I get out of it.  But if I thought it was best for us, I 
     would walk out tomorrow. 
CH:  With whom?
LH:  Catherine, please.

     [Norman knocks.]
     [Norman comes in.]

CH:  Darling come in.  I was just telling your father.  I'm afraid I'll 
     have to skip the festival.  But you go, Leslie.  They'll be counting 
     on you. 

LH:  Okay.  If you want me, I'll be on the square.
     [Leslie leaves.]
NH;  Why does he have to argue with you all the time?
CH:  Oh, he doesn't mean it, Norman.
     When you're older, you'll understand these things.
NH:  What things?
CH:  Things.  Your father.  Me.
CH:  You don't have to stay with me.
NH:  I'm in no hurry, Mom.  Want to play Russian Bank?
CH:  No.  Sit with me.  Talk to me.
     [Norman sits beside her on the bed.]
CH:  When you were a child.  And I put you to bed, you used to say.
     Talk to me.  Talk to me.
     You had such bad dreams.
NH:  Yeah, mom.  Where are the cards?

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