Episode 10, scene 7

       [Matthew is in the Clarion office talking with Leslie.  
        Leslie is sitting at a desk counting the money.]

MS:  Charlie [Thomlinson] said he would open the bank, if we wanted to 
     deposit some of the cash.  

MS:  Did Catherine come down with you?
LH:  No, Catherine had one of her attacks at lunch. 
MS:  Too bad.  Anything serious?
LH:  My wife's attacks are never serious.  We try to bear up.
MS:  Well, I'll make the rounds and see if anyone needs cash.
       [Betty comes in the office.]
MS:  Oh, Betty.  I was just going to look for you.  They need you at 
     the food booth, now.
BA:  Can it wait Mr. Swain?  I want to see Mr. Harrington.
MS:  Oh, see you later, Les.
       [Matthew leaves.]
BA:  Mr. Harrington.
LH:  Oh, hello, Betty.
BA:  I have to talk you Mr. Harrington.  There's something I've got to 

BA:  Why don't you like me?
LH:  Why Betty, what ever gave you that idea?  I do like you, Betty.  
     I think you are a very attractive young woman.
       [Leslie continues to count.]
BA:  Something has happened to Rodney and me.  Why, Mr. Harrington?   
     What did you tell him that night? 
LH:  What night? 
BA:  When Rodney went up to your office at the mill.  It started then.  
     When he came down, it was all over.  What did you tell him, Mr. 
     Harrington?  Please tell me.  I have a right to know. 
         [Leslie stands.]
LH:  Betty, you're just imagining things.  Believe me, I said nothing 
     at all to Rod.  We didn't even mention you.  If you don't believe 
     me ask your mother, she was right there in the room.  We didn't 
     even discuss you.  No, I'm sorry, Betty, but you and Rod will just 
     have to work these things out for yourselves. 

BA:  Mr. Harrington.  You said, "ask my mother."  You said she was right 
     there in your office that night when when Rodney came in. 
LH:  Well?
BA:  My mother told me she wasn't there.  She said she was downstairs 
     in the file room.  She said she never saw Rodney at all.  Where was 
     she, Mr. Harrington?  Just where was my mother? 

       [Betty turns and leaves.]

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