Dialog from Episode 15, scene 1.

       [Rodney and Betty drive by the fire station, the south and east 
        sides of the square, and park on the north side of the bank, near 
        the Colonial Post Inn.]

RH:  According to our charts we have reached the native settlement of 
     Peyton Place. 
BA:  There don't seem to be too many natives around this morning.
RH:  I think we better call first.  Our forebears must be out of their 
BA:  Wait till they hear the news.
RH:  Yeah.  Come on you can speak to your folks while I call my father.
BA:  No.  You do it for me
RH:  I think they better hear it from you.
BA:  You're my husband now.  It's one of the native customs.  Husbands do 
     things for their wives. 
RH:  Now you tell me.  Ok, I'll be in the drug store.

       [End of scene.]

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