Dialog from Episode 15, scene 2.

     [Michael stoops to get a paper in front of the Book Gallery 
      as Constance and Allison walk up from the west.] 

CM:  Michael. 
AM:  Hello, doctor.
MR:  Well, good morning.  I didn't know booksellers had emergency calls.
CM:  I take it you did?
MR:  Well, kind of.
CM:  Allison, will you get the newspapers?
MR:  I'll get them.
CM:  What was the emergency.
MR:  Well, At approximately five a.m. this morning, I delivered my first 
     set of twins.  
CM:  Well.
MR:  Peyton Place twins.
CM:  How wonderful.  Who?
MR:  Madalyn thayer.  Her husband is still in a state of shock.  For some 
     reason he blames me. 
CM:  I think that calls for a celebration.
AM:  Good.  I can go back to bed.
CM:  Not so fast.
AM:  Doctor, will you explain to my mother that her compulsion to clean 
     this room every saturday morning, is shear abnormality. 
MR:  Certainly, certainly.  Your compulsion to clean this room every 
     saturday, . . . 
CM:  Have you had breakfast?
MR:  Well I vaguely remember something at the hospital called coffee.
CM:  We can do better than that.
CM:  Favor.
AM:  Ask.
CM:  Run over to the Inn and get some blueberry muffins.  They should be 
     hot out of the oven.
MR:  You don't have to bother.
AM:  Don't fight it doctor.  She spoils everyone.  I'll get a dozen
CM:  Now, who's spoiling who?
MR:  Listen, If I ever get time to find a place of my own, I would like 
     to repay the favor.  I charbroil a steak with the best of them. 
CM:  Oh.  You cook, too?  Huh?
MR:  I'm full of surprises.
CM:  I think I'll look to the coffee.

[End of scene.]

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