Dialog from Episode 15, scene 3.

     Allison is walking to the Colonial Post Inn when she sees Betty.

BA:  Allison.  Allison.
AM:  Hello, Betty.  I was going to come and see you in the hospital.  I so 
     glad you're better. 
BA:  Allison, I . . .
AM:  Mother's waiting.  I have to buy a dozen muffins.  Blueberry.
BA:  I want you to know before you hear the talk.
AM:  You don't have to tell me anything.
BA:  No.  Rod should.
AM:  Rod and I only had a ccouple of dates.
BA:  A lot can happen in a week.
AM:  It didn't.
BA:  We, uh.   We went to White River last night.
AM:  White River?
BA:  Rod and I are married.

BA:  We haven't told anyone.  We just got back.

       [Rodney arrives back from the Pharmacy.]

RH:  Allison.
AM:  Isn't it a wonderful day.  You and Betty got married.  And Dr. Rossi 
     delivered twins.  And I have to buy a dozen blueberry muffins.
BA:  Did you talk to them?
RH:  What?  Oh, Yeah.  Yeah.

       [Rodney gets in the car.]

RH:  What did you say to her?
BA:  I told her.
RH:  You had to?
No.  It's not a secret.
RH:  No.  No, it's not a secret.
BA:  We are married.
RH:  We're married.  

RH:  They're waiting.  Everybody is waiting.

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