Dialog from Episode 15, scene 4.

       Inside the Book Gallery, Constance hands a book to Michael.

MR:  All right.  I'll buy it.
AM:  Hello.  Anybody for blueberry muffins?  Sorry, they only had half a 
MR:  That's what happens when you send a girl out to do a man's job.
CM:  I'll take care of that.
AM:  Ph, no.  No.  You take care of Dr. Rossi.  He's the one that 
     delivered twins.  Mother, I've decided you don't need me today.
CM:  Oh?
AM:  Maybe I'll go fishing.
CM:  Fishing?  You've never been fishing all your life
AM:  Be a good girl while your daughter's gone.
MR:  Hey.  Haven't you forgotten something?
AM:  What?
MR:  Your rod.
AM:  My rod?  
CM:  Allison?
AM:  Oh, Mother.  I meant to tell you.  Rod and Betty got married last 
       [Allison leaves.]
CM:  I'll be right back.

     [Constance starts to follow Allison.]
     [Michael blocks the door.]

MR:  You're not going anywhere.
CM:  If you don't mind.
MR:  I mind.
CM:  You're in my way.
MR:  You're in her way.
CM:  That boy told her he loved her . . .
MR:  A lot of boys tell girls they love them and yet no one has died.
CM:  You're not funny.
MR:  I'm not trying to be funny.
CM:  Just because I invited you in here . . .
MR:  You didn't invite me in here.  I broke in here to see you.  To be 
     with you.  And to . . .
CM:  You're waving a muffin in my face.
MR:  I'm not waving a muffin in your face.

MR:  Get your coffee, huh?.

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