Dialog from Episode 15, scene 5.

     Betty and Rodney enter the Anderson house, returning from their 

BA:  Mother?  Daddy?
       [George comes in the livingroom from the kitchen and hugs Betty.]
GA:  Okay.  Okay.
BA:  I wish I had told you.  I know.
GA:  You had your mohter tied up in knots.  But it's done.  That's the 
     important thing.  It's done.
JA:  [Comes down the stairs]  Betty?  [Julie hugs Betty.]
BA:  Mother.
JA:  How are you, Rod?
RH:  Fine.  Fine. 
GA:  How was the trip?  Okay?
RH:  Yes, it was fine.
GA:  Good.  So everything's fine, eh?
RH:  Yes.  Everything's fine.
BA:  I have to change.  Then we must see Rod's parents.
GA:  Oh.  That's real good.  That way Rod and I will get to know each other a 
     little better.
JA:  Perhaps Rodney would rather . . .
GA:  Yes, Julie?
JA:  . . .  rather have a sandwich.
GA:  In the kitchen I suppose.  With him in there and me in here and 
     Betty upstairs why that way nobody will have to talk to anybody. 

RH:  Uh, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson.  Well, I just want you to know you have 
     every right in the world to be upset.  We should have told you.  I'm 
     sorry about your not knowing.  You really must have worried. 
GA:  Oh, we're not angry, Rod.  After all, you're part of the family, now.
BA:  I'll be right down.
JA:  I'll help you, Betty
       [Betty and Julie go upstairs.]
GA:  Nothing wrong?
RH:  Oh, no sir.
GA:  Oh, so everything's fine.
RH:  Yes, sir, everything's fine.
GA:  That's fine.
GA:  Uh.
GA:  Rod, uh.  I want you to know, if there is anything wrong, I want you 
     to feel free to talk. 
RH:  Yes, sir.
GA:  I mean.  You'll feel strange.  Am I right?  Well, what I'm trying to 
     say is, you'll get over it.  Every groom feels that.  Am I right? 
RH:  Yes, I suppose.
GA:  Your folks, they're going to feel strange, too.  And Julie.  Even 
     me?  Am I right? 
RH:  I suppose. 
GA:  They'll get over it.
RH:  Yes, sir.  
GA:  I'm right.
RH:  You're right, sir.  You certainly are right.
GA:  The thing I've given a lot of thought to, Rod.
RH:  Sir, we got married and we thought about it.
GA:  Well what I'm saying . . .
RH:  . . . And we decided.
RH:  Sir, we got married.
GA:  It was the right decision, wasn't it, Rod?
RH:  Yes.
GA:  It had to be.
RH:  Yes.
GA:  See.  Hah, Mrs. Anderson was afraid you and I wouldn't be able to 
     talk to each other.  [Laughs] 

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