Dialog from Episode 15, scene 6.

       Betty and Julie talk upstairs in Betty's bedroom.

BA:  The green blouse?
JA:  Try the red one with that suit.
BA:  You think so?
JA:  Try it.
BA:  Well, then I won't have the right shoes.
JA:  All right.  Wear the green one.
BA:  Maybe I should wear another suit.  Oh.
JA:  Oh, Betty.  You'll be lovely no matter what you wear.
BA:  Mr. Harrington is so severe.  I have to look right.
JA:  You will.
BA:  What will he say?
JA:  I don't know.
BA:  You know him?
JA:  Yes, I do.
BA:  I didn't mean anything unpleasant.
JA:  Oh, I understand.

JA:  I know, Betty.  I know.  You didn't tell Rod you lost the baby?

BA:  You sure this blouse is all right?
JA:  It looks lovely.
BA:  It was the justice of the peace
JA:  It had to be.
BA:  Do you, Betty Anderson solemnly declare before almighty God, 
     The searcher of all hearts.  The searcher of all hearts.
JA:  Betty.  It isn't fair is it?
BA:  What is fair to me?  Was it fair to be dropped?  Was it fair to 
     be asked to go to New York?  What is fair? 
JA:  Oh, I suppose.
BA:  You suppose.  Do you know, Mother?  Do you?  Can you honestly say 
     you know what's fair, what's right?  Does anyone know any more? 

BA:  Oh, I wish you did know, Mother.  I wish you did know, because now 
     I'm going to have to find out.  All by myself.  Isn't that so?  
     Isn't that the way it's going to be? 
        [End of scene]

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