PEYTON PLACEDialog from Episode 15, scene 7.

     Allison swings at the playground.

NH:  Allison.
AM:  Hello.
NH:  I've been looking for you.
AM:  Where did you look, Norman, the public library?
NH:  Yes.  
AM:  Or did you think you'd find me out on a schooner.  Mooning over the 
     sunlight as it plays on the tops of the waves crashing against the 
NH:  I figured you wouldn't be there without Rod.
        [Allison de-swings.]
AM:  I don't suppose it occurred to you that I might be at the Shoreline 
     doing something absolutely wicked. 
NH:  Come on, Allison.
AM:  Come.  Come where?
NH:  I don't know.
AM:  Well, If you don't know we can't very well go.
       [Allison goes back to the swing and sits.]
NH:  All right, forget it.  Forget it, Cinderella.  There's only room in 
     that precious glass slipper for you.  So keep on bouncing a ball 
     like you're 12.  Or kicking a can until that glass slipper breaks.  
AM:  And what do you suggest? 
NH:  That you work it out.  You know.  You work it out.
       [Allison begins swinging again.]
AM:  How?
NH:  Well, you talk to people, to yourself.
AM:  And, what do you say, to yourself?
NH:  For a starter, that you can't bounce or kick your way out of a 
AM:  And if you can't say that?
NH:  You mean you won't.  Well, then you're 30 wishing you were 20.
     And you're 40 wishing you were 30.
AM:  I'm not going to do that.
NH:  You're doing it now, Allison.
AM:  Are you lecturing me?
NH:  Yes.
AM:  You are?
NH:  Yes.
       [De-swings again]
AM:  You are.  All right, I won't be 12.  And when I'm 30 I promise you I 
     won't want to be 20.  And when I'm 40, I won't pretend, I'll be.  
     What should I be, Norman?  Should I be myself.  Whatever that is. 
NH:  Okay.  Kid it if you want.
AM:  No.  I'm not kidding it.  I'm looking for it.  What should I be, 
     Norman?  Myself?  What does that mean?  Do you know? 
NH:  Life is looking for somthing.  Or someone.
AM:  You were really talking about yourself, weren't you?

AM:  Norman, I don't want to be serious about anything, right now.  Or 
     anyone.  Is that all right? 
NH:  Sure, Allison.  Well then, let's go for a walk.  We won't talk about 
     anything, or anyone. 
       [Allison and Norman walk off together.]

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