Dialog from Episode 15, scene 8.

     Leslie brings coffee in a silver service to Catherine.

LH:  Shall I pour?  Drink it while it's hot.
CH:  No thank you, Leslie.
LH:  Why don't you get into bed.  Catherine it's happened.  Try to accept 
CH:  I wonder why Christine decided to use this service.
LH:  I did every thing I could.
CH:  I can't remember how long it's been in the Peyton family.  Around 
     1810, 1820.  I knew more about silver. 
LH:  Catherine.
CH:  Some day it will belong to Betty Anderson.  It will all belong to 
LH:  Betty Harrington.
CH:  It must be wonderful for you.  Our family and the Andersons. 
     Naturally, we'll all be drawn closer together, now.  Oh, I'm worried 
     about you.  When Julie quit her job. 
LH:  Again.
CH:  My head hurts.
LH:  Do you want a pill?
CH:  Did you tell Christine to prepare the guest room?
LH:  Yes.  Will you be coming down to dinner?
CH:  No.
LH:  You're going to have to see Betty sometime.
CH:  I suppose it will be in the paper.
LH:  So we'll have to make some kind of announcement.
CH:  It should make fascinating reading.  People aren't fools, Leslie.
LH:  Let them talk.
CH:  [Experiencing pain] Oh.
CH:  Pain?  Is it bad?
CH:  Sometimes I think I'm being punished.
LH:  For what?
CH:  You know what.
LH:  We don't talk about that, Catherine.  It's over.

     [Rodney and Betty enter the mansion.]

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