Dialog from Episode 15, scene 9.

     Rodney and Betty enter the front door of the mansion.

RH:  He must be upstairs.
BA:  With your mother?
RH:  Yeah.  Why don't you just go in and make yourself comfortable.  I'll 
     put this away. 
BA:  Where are you going?
RH:  Just to put this away.
BA:  Rod.
RH:  What?
BA:  Stay with me.
RH:  Okay, I'll stay.  A native custom.  Husbands do things for their 
       [In the livingroom they look at the portrait over the fireplace.]
RH:  Samuel Peyton, founder of the dynasty.  [1845-1912].
BA:  You don't look like him.  I've heard so many stories about him.
RH:  Oh, like what?
BA:  You know.  People say he was, hard.
       [Leslie calls from upstairs.]
LH:  Rod.  Rodney.
RH:  Hello, Dad.
LH:  Hello, Betty.  Welcome to our home.  To your home.  
       [Leslie grasps her hands.]
BA:  Thank you, sir.
LH:  As for you, young man. 
       [Leslie hugs Rodney.]
LH:  You haven't shown the bride her room yet.  What's she going to think 
     of us. 
RH:  Dad, is mother coming down?
LH:  Well, she wanted to.  But she isn't feeling well.
BA:  I'm Sorry.
LH:  Why, there's nothing to be sorry about.
BA:  Well, I . . .
LH:  Nothing at all, Betty.  Now, please believe that.  Now, I'll have you 
     both know that when Rodney's mother and I came back home from 
     Paris, I brought home a case of vintage champagne.  
RH:  That was a long time ago.
LH:  Especially when measured in bottles.  I put the one remaining bottle 
     on ice when you called.  So Rodney, if you don't mind.
RH:  Okay.  
       [Rodney goes to fetch the bubbly.] 
LH:  Betty.
BA:  Mr. Harrington.
LH:  You, please. 
BA:  No.  No, you go ahead. 
LH:  You know, it's strange when that boy's near me.  I'm sure of all my 
     judgments.  Everything seems right then.
BA:  Yes.
LH:  Betty, there's one thing I want to say to you before he comes back.  
     I've always prided myself on knowing when to fight and when to 
BA:  Does my marriage to Rod defeat you? 
LH:  Surprise. 
BA:  That he picked me. 
LH:  He didn't pick you, Betty.  He married you, but he didn't pick you. 
BA:  I see.  The fighting, the sly words begin. 
LH:  That won't happen. 
BA:  No? 
LH:  No. 
BA:  Mr. Harrington, I'll tell you something, I'm afraid of you.  And if 
     you're not trying to confuse me, I . . .
LH:  . . . I'm trying to assure you, Betty.
BA:  Well, then why at one moment do you say welcome and the next say 
     that Rod might not have married me? 
LH:  To present the facts and face them.
BA:  Yes.
LH:  Betty, I have my son back.  That means everything to me.  I want 
     to keep him.
BA:  You needn't worry about that.
LH:  But, I do.  If he isn't happy, I have everything to worry about.
BA:  You're afraid he won't be?
       [Rodney returns.]
RH:  Chilled champagne coming up.  Here we are.
RH:  Do you wish to pour, monsieur?
LH:  Oui, monsieur.
LH:  Now, right off, you're going to have to see the dean.
RH:  The dean?
LH:  About resuming classes.
RH:  Oh, well, Dad, I thought I'd get a job.
LH:  A job.  But you'll have to finish college.  You'd want that, 
     wouldn't you, Betty?
BA:  Of course, but there will be expenses.
LH:  That's nonsense.  I'm not going to charge my own family room and 
RH:  Dad, we thought we'd get a place of our own.
LH:  Now does that make sense?  Rod's accustomed to nice things.
     You wouldn't want him to do without, would you Betty?
BA:  No, of course not.
RH:  I appreciate . . .
LH:  I'll leave it to you Betty, for Rod's sake.  Am I right?
BA:  Rod, maybe we should try it for a while.
RH:  Okay, if you say so.
LH:  Now then, there remains one dispute to resolve.  The name.
RH:  Oh, well.  If it's a boy, I might just call him Rodney Harrington, 
LH:  Well, I'll drink to that.  Although you might consider calling him 
     Leslie Harrington, the second. 

       [End of scene.]

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