Dialog from Episode 17, scene 1.

     Mansion.  Betty comes downstairs to breakfast with Leslie.  
     Robert Morton drops in to check on Catherine.

LH:  Would you bring me sugar, Christine?
C:   Yes, Sir.
LH:  Thank you, Christine.
       [Betty comes in the dining room.]
LH:  Good morning, Betty.
BA:  Good morning, Mr. Harrington.
C:   Good morning.  What can I bring you, miss?
LH:  Mrs. Harrington, Christine.
C:   Yes, sir.  What can I bring you, Mrs. Harrington?
BA:  That's all right.  I'll get it.
LH:  Oh, sit down, Betty.  Christine will bring you what you want.
       [Leslie stands and helps Betty with her chair.]
BA:  Just coffee and juice, please.
       [Betty sits.]
LH:  [Laughing]  Well, that's not much of a breakfast.
BA:  I'm not very hungry.
       [Leslie sits.]
LH:  Mrs. Harrington seems to be feeling a little better this morning.
BA:  That's good.  Thank you.
LH:  That will be all, Christine.
C:   Yes, sir.
       [Christine withdraws.]
LH:  Sugar and cream?
BA:  No thank you.    
LH:  You have a lovely day for doing things.
BA:  Thank you.  I mean.  Uh, yes, it is.
LH:  It will take time, Betty.  We live rather formally.  Mrs. Harrington 
     likes it that way.  But, you'll get used to it. 
BA:  I hope so.  I want to, Mr. Harrington.
LH:  I know.
BA:  I don't want to change his life, Mr. Harrington, I never wanted to.
LH:  Marriage?  A baby?  Those are changes.  Big ones.
BA:  You still think I should have taken your advice don't you?
LH:  That's in the past Betty.  You didn't take it.  That's the fact of 
     the matter and we're both going to live with it.  

LH:  Now I've got to get down to the mill, if you'll excuse me.  Oh, by 
     the way.  All Harrington mothers had hardy appetites. 
BA:  Did they?
LH:  I don't think Dr. Rossi would approve of that menu.
BA:  Uh, I'll see what I can do.
        [Door chimes]
LH:  That's a good girl.
        [Leslie starts toward the front door.]
        [Door chimes, again.]
LH:  I'll get it, Christine.
        [Leslie opens the front door.]
LH:  Good morning, Bob.
RM:  I was on my way to the hospital.  I thought I'd look in on Catherine 
LH:  That's very kind of you.
RM:  How is she, Leslie?
LH:  She seems to have had a pretty good night.
RM:  I'll go on up.
LH:  Uh, Bob.  I wonder if you shouldn't take her to Boston.  Put her 
     throught the clinic.  You know with her father being there.
RM:  Well, perhaps.  We'll see what happens.
LH:  All right.  You know best.  Thanks for dropping by.
RM   Of course, Leslie.

       [Robert goes up the stairs and knocks.]

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