Dialog from Episode 17, scene 2.

     Dr. Morton goes up stairs and knocks on Catherine's door.

CH:  Who is it?
       [Dr. Morton opens the bedroom door and goes in.]
RM:  [Cheerily]  Good morning, miss Katy.
CH:  [Cheerily]  Good morning, Dr. Rob.  Come in.  Come in.
RM:  Well, you don't look like a sick girl, not at all.
CH:  I'm bored with aches and pains.
RM:  Well, that's first sign you're getting well.
       [Dr. Morton takes Catherine's pulse.]
RM:  Your pulse is much better.
CH:  Now, I suppose you're going to put that awful contraption on my 
RM:  Well, if it bothers you, we'll let it pass this morning.
CH:  Yes, I like it when you humor me.  Coffee, Robert?
RM:  Thanks.  I'll get it.
CH:  Leslie hasn't touched his cup.

CH:  You would think by now, Christine would stop putting it on my tray.
RM:  What's all that?
CH:  A guest list for the reception.
RM:  Couldn't the reception wait until you're feeling better?
CH:  It isn't exactly a reception, Robert.  It's a statement.
RM:  Katy, dear.  Our kind of people, we don't have to make statements.
CH:  The whole town knows why Rodney eloped.
RM:  I have a new prescription for you.
CH:  Robert, I wonder if she did go to Dr. Rossi.  If she ever had 
     reason to.  
RM:  Katy.
CH:  Would you put it past the girl if it meant a chance to marry my 
     son, to move into this house?  You could find out.  
RM:  Betty is Dr. Rossi's patient.
CH:  You're chief-of-staff of the hospital.  And you're my friend.
     You've always been my friend.  You brought Rodney into this world.
RM:  Katy, dear, even if what you imagine is true, it would be too late 
     to do anything. 
CH:  No it isn't.  Not when the future of my son is at stake.  I have a 
     right to know, Robert. 
RM:  As you say, we've been friends for a long time.
CH:  Then you'll think about what I've said.
RM:  Yes, I'll think about it.  But it seems very unlikely.  Now, I want 
     you to take one of these . . .

CH:  I know.  I know.  One at every meal and one at bedtime.

RM:  You know me too well, Katy.  It's the doctor who's supposed to know 
     the patient.
CH:  Then find out about that girl, Robert?

CH:  I know you will.

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