Episode 17, scene 3.

     George talks with Marian from production before talking with Leslie.

M:   There, I put all of Julie's things in a box for you.
GA:  Oh, thank you, Mary.

GA:  How long is he going to be on the phone?
M:   He's finished now.
       [On the intercom]
LH:  Yes?
M:   George Anderson would like to see you.
LH:  Send him in.

GA:  Thank you.  Uh, could I leave this here, and pick it up later?
M:   Sure.
GA:  Thank you.
       [George goes in Leslie's inner office.]
GA:  Hello, Les.  How are you?  Nice to see you.
LH:  I just got last month's sales charts.  You made a good showing, 
GA:  Well, Thank you.
LH:  Well, you did.
GA:  I see you stole Marian from the production department.
LH:  Yes, Julie left so quickly I haven't had time to find a replacement.
GA:  Julie is better off at home.
LH:  I know she is.  Sit down, George.
GA:  Thank you.   I, uh.  Les, about the other day.  I lost my head.
LH:  [Chuckling]  That was then.  This is now.  I want to show you some 
     swatches for the spring line. 
GA:  Now, Les, I am not going to change my plans.  I am going 
     back into the insurance game.
LH:  Well, I wish you would reconcider, George.
GA:  I've been thinking about it for quite a while.  I went down to 
     renew my license a couple of days ago.
       [On the intercom.]
LH:  No calls, please Mary.
GA:  I am buying out Amos Barkley.  I am going to take his offices down 
     at the old Chamber of Commerce building. 
LH:  Sit down, George.
GA:  I'm feeling much too good to sit down.
LH:  George, you tried insurance before.
GA:  Yes.  I made mistakes.  I started small.  I plodded along.
LH:  Can I offer you some advice as a business man?
GA:  You can offer it.
LH:  You're going to spread yourself too thin.  Payments to Barkley.  
     Rent.  Overhead.  
GA:  I can handle it.  Julie will be my secretary.
LH:  You just said she is better off at home.
GA:  I know what's best for Julie.  Believe me.  Now don't worry about 
     me, Les.  I've got a little money saved up.
LH:  All I'm saying, George is don't try to start too big.
GA:  You started big.
LH:  Oh, you know better than that.  The mill belongs to Catherine's 
     family.  I just made it pay. 

GA:  Huh.  You make everything pay.  Yes, whoever wrote that high school 
     annual must have been some kind of an oracle.   Les Harrington, 
     most likely to succeed. George Anderson, most popular. 
LH:  I also tied for something called best sense of honor.  Now, I don't 
     even remember who the other guy was. 
GA:  Me.  Sure.  Sure.  I guess we haven't tied for much of anything since
     then, have we, Les?  After high school I put on a uniform and you
     bought yourself a wardrobe of pin stripes.
LH:  I had a bad shoulder, George.
GA:  Oh, that's all right, Les.  But, I'll tell you something.  That's 
     the last time I really liked you.  All the way, I mean  Well, I 
     just guess you found yourself a better better tailor that's what 
     happened.  Les.  Maybe I shouldn't be so honest with you.  Because, 
     I want to ask you something?  When I open the agency, will you 
     give me the mill account? 
LH:  I've got a three year contract with Merit Man.
GA:  Come on.  You can cancel that.
LH:  [Standing]  I'll do something better than that, George.  You open 
     the agency and stay with me, too.  I'll trim the fat off your 
     territory.  You just service the big accounts.  
GA:  Wouldn't work, Les.
LH:  Why not?  Just for a little while, until the agency gets on solid 
GA:  That very generous of you.
LH:  Generous?  I can afford to lose you.
GA:  You've got other salesmen.
LH:  Not like you.
GA:  Not named George Anderson.  Isn't that what you mean?
LH:  George.
GA:  You still want to hold me down.
LH:  Look at this.
GA:  You look at it.  After all that's happened. Betty.  Julie.  You 
     still can't let go.  Let go, Les.  Let go. 

     [George stomps out.]

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