Episode 17, scene 4.

     Matthew Swain comes in the Book Gallery and speaks with Allison.

MS:  Playing hookey?
AM:  Not exactly.  Mother's on a very important mission.
MS:  Top secret?
AM:  She's buying a new winter coat.
MS:  Without consulting you?
AM:  I think she can manage.
MS:  Well, I think you could help.  Who knows.  Maybe you might want . . .
AM:  I don't need one.
MS:  I'd like to see you in something bright this winter.
AM:  I've never worn bright colors.
MS:  Well, maybe you should.
AM:  Maybe I should.  Something that will say from far off Allison 
     Mackenzie is coming.
MS:  Now, something I's like to hear.
     Uncle Matt . . .
MS:  Uh, uh.  You said it again.
AM:  Uncle Matt, would you mind the store for me, please?
       [Allison goes to Les Femmes.]
AM:  I thought you needed my expert opinion.  I know, who's minding the 
     store?  Uncle Matt's minding the store.
CM:  I see.  You both thought I needed your expert opinion, huh?
AM:  Oh,  Mother, this will never do.  You're robbing some poor elderly 
     lady who needs that coat to keep warm and inconspicuous. 
CM:  It happens to be what they are wearing this season.
AM:  I want you to look like next season.  No, sorry.  It's sweet but 
     just a little less tailored.  Ah, Now this is Constance Mackenzie. 

AM   Mother, has Dr. Rossi ever been married?
CM:  Allison.
AM:  The girls at school were wondering.

AM:  I like this one.  Is that a blush a blush on yonder cheek.
CM:  You're fanciful today.
AM:  I feel like Juliette's nurse
CM:  Juliette was 14.  Are you trying to break the budget?
AM:  We can economize on something more trivial like food.  Do you like it?
CM:  Very much.
AM:  Then quick, before it melts.
SL:  Lovely coat, Constance.
CM:  I hate to strike a blow for reality.  But I better think about it.
AM:  Oh, Mother.  Stop thinking.

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