Episode 17, scene 5.
     Dr. Rossi drives up and parks in front of the Book Gallery.

MR:  Hi.
AM:  Hi, Dr. Rossi.
CM:  Hi, Dr. Rossi.
MR:  Shopping spree?
AM:  Just shopping.  No spree.
CM:  My daughter is an impulse buyer.
MR:  Oh, good for you, Allison.
MR:  You better convince mother of that.
CM:  And, you better get back to school.
AM:  All right  Good bye.
MR:  Good bye.
CM:  About last night, I owe you a thank you.
MR:  What for?
CM:  For being so understanding.
MR:  I'm not sure I understand.
CM:  What do you mean?
MR:  The cottage.  Were you uneasy there because a woman was murdered or 
     because of me?
CM:  A little of each.
MR:  Well, the next time . . .  There is going to be a next time, isn't 
CM:  There will be.
MR:  Goodnight.
CM:  Goodnight.

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