Dialog from Episode 17, scene 6.

     Allison comes out of the botique carrying a Les Femmesbox.
     [Sandy is the brunette.  Mildred is the blonde.]
AM:  Hello, Sandy, Mildred.
S:   Hi, Allison.  
M:   Hello, Allison.
S:   [Giggling] I wonder if she knows.
M:   Looks what she's getting.  Rodney is just like a yo-yo.  He bounces 
     from one girl to the next. 
S:   I wouldn't mind him bouncing to me.
       [Inside the Book Gallery.]
MM:  I hope Bonnie likes this.  Bye.  Bye.
       [Allison rushes in the Book Gallery.]
MM:  Oh dear.
AM:  Oh, I'm sorry Mrs. Mitchell.
MM:  Oh, it's all right, Allison.  Goodbye.
AM:  Goodbye.

CM:  Well, that was an exuberant entrance.  You almost knocked her down.
AM:  Aren't you curious?
CM:  I know.  You bought a new dress.  And you spent all your allowance.
AM:  Every penny.  But it was worth it.  I even had to go into my savings.
CM:  Well, I imagine it was worth it.  But, there are times when a girl 
     needs something new. 
AM:  She certainly does.  Shall I try it on for you? 
CM:  Here in the store?
AM:  I'm a very good quick change artist.  Close your eyes and count to ten.  
       [Allison removes the coat from the box and models it.]
AM:           This model is one of our most exclusive designs.  
              We call it our Constance Mackenzie coat.  The blue 
              of the fabric is of a most delicate shade, and It 
              is sure to be a pace setter for the fall season. 
AM:  Oh, mother.  You should see your face.
CM:  My daughter, the impulse buyer.
AM:  Well, one of us had to strike a blow for freedom.

AM:  Would madame like to try it on?
       [Constance dons the coat and goes to the mirror.]
AM:  Uh, huh.  It is your coat.  I can't explain it.
CM:  Oh, It's really quite extravagant.
AM:  It was selfish.

AM:  I thought it was about time something exciting happened to us.
     Don't you feel different?  You look different.
CM:  Oh, younger, perhaps.
AM:  No.  Not just younger.  Maybe the way you used to look, before you 
     had me.  Sort of, I don't know, dreamy eyed. 
CM:  Not that young.
AM:  Does it seem such a long time ago?
CM:  Well, the years have a way of slipping by.  It's only the days that 
     drag when you're grown up.  Don't let it happened to you.
AM:  I'll never let it happen.
AM:  I'm sorry.  I didn't mean that.
       [Comstance takes the coat off.]
CM:  I hoped you did.

AM:  Mother, let's do something special tonight, so you can wear your 
     new coat.  Maybe we could go to the Inn for dinner.  And afterwards 
     . . . 
       [A customer comes in and Constance deals briefly with her.]
CM:  Oh, hello, Mrs. Sedly.
       [Allison tries on the coat and looks in the mirror.]
AM:  No.  You are definately not Allison Mackenzie's coat.  Maybe it's her 
     hair.  Stupid Allison in Wonderland hair. 
       [The customer leaves and Constance bolts the door.]
AM:  Oh, you're locking up early.  Then we are going out?
CM:  I have an appointment at the hair-dresser's.
AM:  Oh, and afterwards . . .
CM:  I have a date.  I wish I had known.  But, I could break it and we could 
     go out.  Just the two of us 
AM:  Oh, no.  Don't be silly.  You've got a date and a brand new coat.  
     And I think Dr. Rossi is very attractive, don't you. 
CM:  Yes I do.
AM:  That's all that matters, isn't it?
CM:  Are you sure?
AM:  Absolutely.

     [The scene ends as Dr. Morton drives up outside.]

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