Dialog from Episode 17, scene 7.

     Robert Morton drives up and talks with Matthew Swain a bit before going 
     in the Peyton Professional Building. 

MS:  Hello, Bob.
RM:  Matt.  Missed you last week.  You know how Grace looks forward to 
MS:  Well, You know how I look forward to Grace's cooking.
     What brings you here?
RM:  Our new doctor.  I thought I would drop in on him.
MS:  Just like that?
RM:  More or less.  Matt, what's your candid opinion of our new doctor?
MS:  Well, don't you think he's been here long enough we can stop calling 
     him our new doctor?
RM:  That's not an answer, Matt.  That's a observation.  Why do you think he 
     left New York? 
MS:  And that's not a question that's an insinuation.         
RM:  Well, I don't see why we should argue about him.  See you next week.

     Matthew goes down to the Book Gallery to return a book and knocks. 

MS:  Good Afternoon, ladies.  Well, that's quite a coat.
CM:  My extravagant daughter bankrupted herself.
MS:  Well, it's worth it.  And here I came by to take you out for a cup of 
     coffee.  But that's a special occasion coat. 
AM:  She has a very special occasion date with Dr. Rossi.
CM:  He asked me to dinner.
MS:  And you accepted, of course.  He's a very attractive man. 
AM:  Isn't it romantic?
CM:  We'll do some shopping for you tomorrow, Allison.
AM:  I don't need anything.  I'm not going anywhere.  And I'm not crying 
     over Rodney Harrington.  I don't care about him.  I don't care if I 
     never see him again.  You don't seem to understand.  I just don't care.
       [Allison leaves for school.] 
MS:  Well, I guess that's been building up for some time.  She's been 
     hearing a lot of things, ugly things she doesn't want to hear.

CM:  Why does Allison have to be hurt?
MS:  You can't go on protecting her forever.  She doesn't want that.  She 
     doesn't quite know what she does want.  But why don't you help her to 
     grow up? 
CM:  Are you saying maybe I should grow up, too, huh?

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