Dialog from Episode 19, scene 4.

     Hospital reception room.  Nurse Hillgrew is on duty at the 
     Information Desk.  She is writing as the telephone rings.  
     She answers the phone on the second ring. 

NH:  Hello.  Oh, Hello, Mrs. Hobbs.  No, Mr. Hobbs is resting 
     comfortably.  No, he's in the recovery room now.  We'll be moving 
     him to IT later.  I'll tell Dr. Lipton.  Right.
     [Hangs up.]
NH:  Dr. Rossi is still in the lab, Mr. Harrington.
LH:  Did you tell him I wanted to talk to him?
NH:  I did.
LH:  [To Laura]  We should have heard from Robert.  I don't understand 
     it.  If her condition is so serious, why didn't Robert spot it? 
     [Telephone rings again.]
NH:  Miss Hillgrew.  Oh, yes, Dr. Morton.  Just a minute, please.
     [She puts Morton on hold and dials 3 digits.]
NH:  Could I have the lab, please?
     [Rossi shows up.]
NH:  Oh, Dr. Rossi.  [To Morton]  Never mind he's here.  Just a moment.
NH:  Dr. Morton.
     [Hands Rossi the phone.]
MR:  Uh, Dr. Morton, I was called in about an hour ago for Catherine 
RM:  [From Boston]  Oh.  Anything serious?
MR:  Well, I'm concerned about her.  I have her here at the hospital.
     There's indication of a perforated ulcer.
RM:  Well, I saw her a couple of hours ago.  She was having some pain but 
     nothing to indicate an ulcer. 
MR:  Well, she has all the symptoms.  She has pain in the upper 
     gastrinol, becoming generalized across the back.  I'm waiting for 
     the tests now.  Black plate, upright, x-rays, blood count, amalies. 

     All right.  I'll start back.  But Dr. Rossi she has produced before.
RM:  Have you tried sedatives, Anti-spasmodics.
MR:  Doctor, right now I'm giving her anti-biotics.
     It is my opinion, Dr. Morton, that the ulcer has perforated.
MR:  We could be dealing with peritonitis.
RM:  I know my patient, Dr. Rossi.

     But, I suggest you wait for me.  She's my patient, Dr. Rossi.
MR:  Well, right now, she's my patient.

     [Rossi hangs up without goodbying.]

LH:  [To Rossi]  Is he coming back?
MR:  Yes, And I hope it's not too late.
     I don't want to alarm
     If it has perforated I'll want to do an explor
LH:  I can't make a decision without
MR:  Lets get the results.  Then we'll make the decision.
MR:  Get me Dr. Burgess.
NH:  He's out of town.
NH:  He's in OR.
MR:  Well, See how long he'll be there.  I'll be with Mrs. Harrington.
     [Hillgrew dials]
     [Leslie takes Laura over to the couch.
     [Rossi goes in to see Laura]
MR:  He'll be here soon, Mrs. Harrington.
CPH: I feel so week.

How's th pain.

     I want you to try to get some sleep, Mrs. Harrington.
CPH: Is Leslie here?
MR:  Yes, would you like to see him?
     [Back in reception]
MR:  You can go in there now, Mr. Harrington.  I wouldn't mention anything 
about the operation
LH:  All right.
NH:  Yes I did.  He's doing an endocoremy.
     Then, he'll be all evening.
MR:  would you          and 50 mg of demeral
A:  Yes, Dr. Rossi.
MR:  Well, the ambiance is normal
     blood count sho
MR:  Is the surgical resident on duty.

     He's assisting Dr. Mays
     operation room, will you please
LB:  Dr. Rossi.
LB:  Mike.
MR:  Well, what do you want me to 
MR:  Oh, [Dr.] Abner would you let me know if there is any change.
MR:  All doctors are wrong sometimes
     has nothing to do
LHB: I merely wanted you to consider.
MR:  There's nothing else to consider
MR:  Would you step outside, Mr. Harrington.
LB:  What is it?
LH:  I don't know.  I think she's worse.  How serious is it?
LHB: Serious.
     Then I'm not going to let Rossi do it.
     What do you know about him, except that he bought Dr. Rossi's practice.
LHB: He was top man in Donald's class
     if it isn't too late
     You made one mistake with Donald.
     We both make mistakes
     Is it a good enough bargain, Les?
     [Rossi comes back out to reception.
MR:  The pulse is irregular
     Dr. Rossi
     Yes I did.
     Did you find
     What about an OR?
     Number one is available
LH:  I haven't given my consent.
     Well, I advise you
LH:  So can Dr. Morton
LH:  We'll wait for him
LH:  No matter what you say, doctor
MR:  Well then, I better spell it out for you, Mr. Harrington.

     is grave
MR:  delay now can be fatal.
     I understand that
     Dr. Morton is on the way.  What are you trying to prove?
MR:  I'm trying to save your wife's life, Mr. Harrington.
     Would you go talk to her?  Talk to her now.
LHB: He'll never forgive you.
MR:  Some day he will.
LHB: He'll just never forgive you.

     [Rossi leaves.]

LH:  Catherine.  Catherine.
CPH: Where's Robert?
LH:  He's on his way.  Dr. Rossi says, we can't wait for him to get here.
CPH: You don't want to wait for Robert.
LH:  What are you talking about?
     You want.  You want this Rossi.
LH:  All right, Catherine.  We'll wait for Robert.  We'll just wait..
CPH: Leslie
CPH: You wont be safe.  Safe and free.
LH:  What are you talking about.
CPH: You won't be.  Oh, no, Leslie.  You won't be safe or free.

     [scene and episode end]

MEL: [Please excuse all the mis-spelled medical terms.]

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