Episode 28, Scene 3.  
     Dialog between Dr. Rossi and Dr. Tom in the Emergency Room.
     [Rossi examines George Anderson's eyes.]

MR:  Easy, George.
GA:  Where is Julie?

GA:  Julie.  
MR:  She is right outside.
GA:  Julie.  Where's Julie? 
MR:  She is right outside.  Just relax, George.
GA:  Where am I?
MR:  You're at the hospital.
GA:  Julie.
MR:  She called me, George.  We brought you down here.
GA:  Julie . . .
MR:  Easy George.  Easy George.

MR:  [To Dr. John]  There's nothing symptomatic.  He'll be quiet now.
     [To the nurse]  Nurse, you can take him up to x-ray please.
N:   Yes, Doctor.

MR:  [To John]  I want a complete skull series, made.  And you better 
     order a lumbar puncture, but no medications, until after we study 
     the plates. 

MR:  Well, Doctor? 
J:   Yes, Dr. Rossi.
MR:  You're the resident on duty.  Don't you think you better follow 
     the patient? 

J:   Rossi, I don't know how to say this.  When you brought Anderson in, 
     I didn't have the chance. 
MR:  Well, what is it?
J:   I'm sorry, but I'm responsible.  Your privileges have been 
     suspended.  You can't bring a patient here. 
MR:  It would seem that I already have.
J:   Yes, I know.  That's why I . . .

J:   Look, Rossi, I just carry out my orders.
MR:  Well, get to the point.
J:   I called Dr. Morton.  
MR:  I see.
J:   Rossi, I had to report to Morton.
MR:  I understand that, Tom.  Anything else?
J:   Yes.  Morton told me to tell you, that . . .
MR:  Go on, say it.
J:   . . . You're not to treat the patient.
MR:  [Almost in a whisper]  All right.  Thank you.

     [Rossi leaves the Emergency Room and speaks with Julie Anderson.] 

MR:  Well, he's going to be all right.  I still have some tests to run.  
     But I think he's going to be fine. 
JA:  Are you sure doctor?
MR:  Just about.  As a matter of fact,  it's not George I'm worried 
     about, Julie.  It's you.  George is dangerous.  He's dangerous to 
     himself.  He is a danger to you.  I'm going to keep him here 
     tonight and in the morning.  I've telephoned Constance Mackenzie.  
     She's waiting for you at her house. 
JA:  I don't even know Connie that well anymore.  I can't go to her 
MR:  She wants you to be there.  I don't want you to be alone tonight.
     Sit down.

     [Rossi goes out in the corridor as Dr. Morton arrives.]

RM:  Oh, Doctor.
MR:  I have some X-Rays to see about.
RM:  I want to talk to you, now.
MR:  I'll save you the trouble, Dr. Morton.  I brought my patient here 
     because he was in immediate need of medical care.  And this was the 
     only hospital that was available.  And for your information I would 
     do the same again. 
RM:  For your information I have assumed full responsibility for George
     Anderson.  While he's in this hospital, doctor, you are relieved.  
     I'm sure you won't question my authority in this matter. 
MR:  I question my patient's well being.
RM:  Correction.  My patient, as was Catherine Harrington.
MR:  I see.  Well, we're back to that again.  
RM:  There's nothing to go back to, doctor.  The only issue here is that 
     you are not privileged in theis hospital.  I must ask you, once 
     more, now, to leave. 
MR:  And if something goes wrong, will you and Dr. Bradley get together 
     again for one of your secret autopsies?
RM:  Rossi, I must warn you.  
MR:  I warn you.  I'm not through with the Catherine Harrington autopsy.
     As a matter of fact, I haven't begun, yet.
RM:  I'm not impressed by your threats.
MR:  Or the truth for that matter.  There is truth here, doctor.  The 
     truth about you and Dr. Bradley.  The truth about that autopsy.  
     I'm not threatening you.  I'm telling you.  You're going to hear the 
     truth, believe me.  All of it. 

     [Rossi turns to leaves.] 

RM:  [Almost shouting]  Just a minute.

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