Episode 28, scene 7.

     Rossi goes in the pathology laboratory to speak to Dr. Joe Bradley. 

JB:  I'll be with you in a minute.
MR:  I've got plenty of time, doctor.
JB:  Does Dr. Morton know that you've come back here?
MR:  [Interrupting]  You know.  That's enough.

     [Dr. Bradley picks up the phone.]

JB:  [Speaking to the operator]  Get me Dr. Morton.

MR:  You call him when we get through.

     [Rossi puts his finger on the phone hook.]

JB:  Til now, I felt sorry for you, Rossi.  You made a mistake.  You 
     don't know how to accept the consequences.  Still, I felt sorry for 
     you.  Now, I no longer care.  I'd like for you to leave the 
     laboratory.  I've got work to do. 
MR:  Now, you listen to me.  I'm fighting for my professional life.  You 
     understand that?  Do you think I'm going to take this lying down?  

MR:  Let's start.  Let's start with the night Catherine Harrington died.  
     Upstairs in the operating room. 
JB:  Haven't we been all through this before, Rossi?
MR:  You performed the autopsy and you decided Dr. Morton was right and I 
     was wrong.
JB:  Those are facts. 
MR:  I'll tell you the what the facts are.  You performed the autopsy all 
     right.  But you performed it in secret.  Dr. Shimner was waiting, he 
     was standing by, ready to assist.  And you deliberately excluded 
JB:  Are you suggesting . . .
MR:  I'm not suggesting anything.  I'm telling you.  You performed the 
     autopsy alone.  Against procedure.  And also against procedure you 
     deliberately destroyed the tissues. 
JB:  All of which I had a professional and ethical right to do.
MR:  Professional and ethical right?

MR:  What about your professional and ethical rights the night you 
     operated on Matthew Swain?  What about your professional and ethical 
     rights that night, doctor? 

MR:  Five years ago, in this hospital.  You were the surgeon, and not the 
     staff pathologist, but the surgeon.  At least you were when the 
     operation started.  But something went wrong during the operation on 
     Matthew Swain.  Something went wrong.  I don't know what.  But it 
     won't be hard to find out.  Because Dr. Morton had to take over for 
     you.  And the next day.  The very next day, you left town. 
JB:  Dr. Rossi.
MR:  But you didn't stay away long.  No.  You came back one year later. 
     But what happened then?  Did you return to your career as a surgeon?  
     No.  No, I'll tell you what happened.  You came back when Dr. Robert 
     Morton gave you the job here in the laboratory.  Here as the staff 
     pathologist where the only patients you had to work on were already 

MR:  Admit it doctor.  Let it out. 

MR:  You will.

     [Rossi leaves.]
     [Dr. Bradley ponders a moment and goes out in the information Desk.]  
     [The duty nurse is talking on the phone.]

N:   I'll have Dr. Morton call you.  Goodbye.
JB:  I want to see Dr. Morton.
N:   I'm sorry.  He's in a meeting, doctor.
JB:  [Urgently]  I have to see him now.

     [The duty nurse picks up the phone and dials three digits.]

N:   Dr. Bradley is here.
MR:  Well, I'm in a meeting, can he wait?
JB:  Tell him it's urgent.  I must see him, now.
N:   He says . . .
RM:  [On the phone]  I heard.  I'll be right up. 
     [Dr. Morton must have been in the basement conference room.]
RM:  What is it Joe?  I'm in the middle of a meeting.
JB:  I'll come back later.
RM:  [To the nurse]  Tell them I'll return as soon as I can.

Episode 28, scene 7