Episode 29, scene 2.

     Laura Brooks had gone to the beach house and found the door
     unlocked.  She went in and is waiting as Dr. Rossi enters. 

MR:  Connie?
LB:  I like the view mike.  You picked up our habit of leaving your door 
     unlocked.  I'm sorry, it never occurred to me that you might be 
     expecting company.
MR:  No.  It's just . . .  You surprised me.
LB:  Do you want me to leave?
MR:  Laura . . .
LB:  I don't really want to.
MR:  Can I fix you a drink?
LB:  Please.
MR:  All right.
LB:  This is charming, Mike.
MR:  Thank you.
LB:  It's just what I imagined you would have.
MR:  Want some ice?
LB:  No thank you.
MR:  Have you ever been here before?
LB:  No, you never asked me.
MR:  No, I mean before I moved in.
LB:  Oh, no.  When the Carsons lived here, I was just a school girl.  
     But let's not go into that story tonight. 
MR:  All right.  Why did you come here?
LB:  On impulse.  And because I got tired of waiting for you to ask me.

LB:  You know, I would know a man lived here without ever being told.
MR:  I didn't make many changes.
LB:  Ah, that's what I mean.  Men camp out when they move in.  I wasn't 
     here five minutes when I made this fire.  If I had to wait much 
     longer, you probably would have caught me rearranging the furniture. 
MR:  Laura, I like it the way it is.
LB:  Naturally.  Why don't we sit down, Mike?
     [They sit.]
LB:  I would like to make a toast.  To the future success of Dr. Michael Rossi.
     Don't you want to drink to that?
MR:  Well, first I think I had better find out what it's all about. 
LB:  All right.  See if you like this one better.  Your appointment to 
     the hospital staff.  It's true, Mike.  I'm not just talking about 
     getting your hospital privileges back. 
MR:  Who told you this?
LB:  Dr. Michael Rossi, assistant chief-of-staff.  How does that sound?
MR:  It sounds incredible.
LB:  It can be arranged.
MR:  Arranged?
LB:  Mr brother is chairman of the hospital board.
MR:  You talked to him about this?
LB:  Yes, why not?
MR:  I told you, I prefer to fight my own battles.
LB:  You're not interested in a hospital appointment?  How do you think 
     these things happen?  There's always planning in everything.  It's 
     not how you get to the top, it's what you do once you're there.  
     Isn't it? 
MR:  Laura, you have a knack for rationalization. 
LB:  Will you be less a doctor?
MR:  Laura, integrity is as much of medicine as skill and 
LB:  You sound like a testimonial at a medical banquet.
MR:  Laura, I'm not just giving this lip service,  I believe it.
LB:  Do you know why you're saying these things?  Your pride.  But 
     you'll get over it.  You will Mike. 
MR:  Did Donald?
LB:  You're asking me if I pulled strings for Donald.  
LB:  [Almost shouting]  Yes.
LB:  He was just as angry as you are.
LB:  Yes, he got over it.
MR:  Laura, I don't want to get over it.  I don't want to get over 
     being a man.
LB:  Do you want me to leave?
MR:  I want you to stop maneuvering, maneuvering anything.
LB:  Well, that takes in all the territory, doesn't it, Doctor?
     [Laura starts to leave.]
MR:  Laura.
     [Michael helps her on with her coat.]
MR:  It has to.
LB:  Well, thank you, doctor.
MR:  Laura, thank you.  But, let's don't make it a final thank you.  I don't 
     think it has to be, does it?
LB:  I wonder if I had left Donald alone, if I hadn't pushed and pulled. . .
     I wish he had stopped me, Mike.

LB:  Good night.

     [Laura leaves.]

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