Episode 30, scene 7.

                   Matt and Elliot
     Officer Massey-Member 2-Commissioner-Member 1-Stenographer

     [Parole Board hearing.  Guard comes out to get Matthew and Eli.]

G:   You can go in now.
EC:  Just go in?
MS:  Just relax.

     Matthew and Elliot go into the hearing room.  Officer Massey
     goes over and shakes hands with Matthew Swain and Eli Carson. 

PO:  Mr. Swain.  Carson.
EC:  Yes, sir.
MS:  Mr. Massey, the prison Parole Officer.
C:   Mr. Massey, is this gentleman related to the prisoner?
EC:  I'm his father.
C:   Mr. Carson, it is highly irregular for relatives to be present at 
     these hearings.
EC:  Well, you see.
MS:  Well, If Elliot does win his parole, he will work for his father.
     Mr. Carson wanted to assure there is a job wsiting for him.
C:   And you, Mr. Swain?  You're here as what?  An interested party?
MS:  I'm a character witness.  I've known Elliot all his life.
C:   I see.  Mr. Carson, I must advise you that we can not allow you to 
     plead your son's case in any way.
EC:  I know that.  I don't want to break any rules.
OM:  Why don't you sit down, over there?
EC:  Thank you.

M1:  Mr. Carson, what kind of work would your son be doing?
EC:  Beg pardon?
M1:  What kind of business do you own?
EC:  Ships chandlery.  Been in the family for more than a hundred years.
M1:  I'm something of a sailor myself.  Week-end variety.
C:   I think we better get down to business.
C:   Carson has appeared before this court many times.  There's a great 
     deal of bad time on his record.  
OM:  From his earlier years.
M1:  Yes his later record looks very good.
C:   The change is so marked.  I wonder about it.
M1:  It would indicate a credit to our prison system.  Wouldn't it?
C:   Perhaps.  
C:   [To massey]  Do you have the psychiatric report?
OM:  Yes, commissioner.  Dr. Arthur has interviewed the prisoner on several 
     occasions.  The most recent interview was ten days ago. 
C:   And?
OM:  The prisoner scores in the superior range on the Wexler
     intelligence scale.
M2:  Better than some of us would do.
C:   Commissioner.
OM:  The prisoner's behavior in recent years suggests that his impulses 
     to violence, the compulsive resistance to authority, the refusal to 
     obey orders are now well under control.  His attitude about his 
     imprisonment seems admirably rational.  

OM:  But I must question how authentic that rational attitude is.  For all 
     his intelligence and appeal the subject seems at heart to be a 
     withholding type, a man adept at concealing his feelings whenever it 
     serves his ends.   Furthermore an interpretation of his Vorshack responses suggests that violent 
     impulses still exist.  And are held in check by design, conscious or 
C:   Does Dr. Arthur make any recommendations regarding parole?
OM:  No.  He only reports his findings.
C:   We'll make some determinations of our own.
C:   [To Massey]  Will you have Carson brought in please?

     [Mr. Massey gets up and opens the door to the holding room.]

MM:  Bring in Elliot Carson.
     [Carson comes in and exchanges glances eith his father.]
     [Mood music.]
     [Scene and episode end.]

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