Episode 31, scene 1.

     [Parole Board hearing.  Guard comes out to get Matthew and Eli.]

C:   Bring in Elliot Carson.
EC:  Hello, Dad.
Eli: Son.
OM:  Sit down, Carson. [Gesturing].
C:   We've been looking over your records.  You've had a good year.
EC:  Thank you, Commissioner.
C:   Carson in the past when you have appeared before this board you have 
     talked about your determination to go back to Peyton Place to prove 
     that you didn't kill your wife. 
EC:  Yes sir.
C:   Do you still feel the same way?
EC:  I've had a great deal of indoctrination about paroles, Commissioner.  
     Everything I have read, everything I have been told suggests that 
     was a very unhealthy state of mind I have been told that when a man 
     leaves prison he should bury his past not relive it. 
C:   Well, that does't quite answer the question.
EC:  Sir?
C:   How do you feel about it?  Be honest with us.
EC:  I would like to bury my past.
C:   Can you?  Can you go back to Peyton Place to the people who sent you 
     here, without bearing grudges, grievances? 

C:   Well?
EC:  Commissioner, I would be a fool if I thought I could convince you 
     that a man could spend 18 years in prison without having feelings. 
C:   What are your feelings Carson?
M1:  I think we all understand each other on this point, Commissioner.  
     I really do. 
M2:  What about his rehabilitation program, education?
OM:  He was excused from schooling.
EC:  When I came here I had my Master's degree in English Literature.
C:   Oh, yes.  You worked in the prison library last two years.  
     Re-organized it.  
M@:  That's a job that needed doing
EC:  I needed a job that needed doing.
C:   Carson, I noticed that you didn't religious programs.
EC:  I'm not a religious man, Commissioner.  I was.  Maybe I will be again.
C:   Mr. Swain, I gather you have lived a long time in Peyton Place. If 
     Carson should be granted parole and he goes back there, how do you 
     think the town witl react? 
MS:  Well, That's a rather large size question.
C:   Peyton Place is a small town, isn't it?
MS:  Yes, it's a small town.
C:   And I assume a tightly knit community?  I'm sure there would be some 
     reaction to Carson's return. 
MS:  Well I would like to think that Carson's paid his debt to society.
     accept the fact that Elliot has paid his debt to society.
C:   You would like to think so?
MS:  I know they will.  The town may be small, Butthe people aren't 
C:   That's asking a great deal of them.
MS:  18 years is a long time.
C:   Carson is a murderer.  A convicted murderer.
EC:  What do want them to say, commissioner, that I shouldn't go home  
     That they'll stone me in the streets?
     [Elliot stands.]
EC:  Answer me.  What do want them to say, commissioner?  That I'm a 
     blight on the community?  That I will remind them of what they did 
     to me? 

C:   What they did to you?
OM:  [Softly]  Sit down, Carson.  Sit down.
     [Mood music.]
     [Elliot Carson sits.]
EC:  I'm sorry.  Sorry.

     [Scene ends]

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