Episode 345, scene 3.

     [In the Anderson livingroom, Rodney tries to hand Betty a string of 

RH:  You left these at the house.
BA:  On purpose.
RH:  But they're yours.
BA:  I don't want them.  
RH:  What am I supposed to do with them?
BA:  Whatever you like, throw them away.
RH:  Oh, you don't throw away a good string of cultured pearls.
BA:  Well, then give them to someone.
RH:  I already have.  To you.

RH:  Here, keep them to remember me by.
BA:  Rod, when you gave me those pearls, last summer, I thought it was 
     because you loved me.  They meant a lot to me then.  All they can 
     mean is thank you for favors received. 
RH:  You accepted other gifts for the same reason.  I mean, why make an 
     exception of me?  Go ahead, take them.  You deserve them.  Just like 
     the money he gave you in New York. 
BA:  Money who gave me?
RH:  The man you met.
BA:  What are you talking about?
RH:  Private investigator's report on your activities.  It's all there.  
     Sharon Purcell.  The whole bit.  Including the man who gave you the 
BA:  You had a private detective following me?
RH:  Not me.  My father.
BA:  Oh, that sounds like your father.
RH:  Look, I didn't like him doing it.  I got pretty upset with him about 
     it.  But I was also also very disappointed in you, Betty. 
BA:  Oh, were you?
RH:  I think I'm entitled to some kind of an explanation.
BA:  Why?
RH:  Because you're my wife, that's why?
BA:  I won't be in a few days after the annulment.
RH:  You were my wife when you went to New York.
BA:  Do you know what an annulment is, Rod?  It means the marriage never 
     existed.  You have no right to ask me anything.
RH:  I see.  Well, if the marriage never existed then I don't owe you 
     anything, do I?  But I'm still paying your father's hospital bills. 
BA:  Spoken like a true son of Leslie Harrington.
BA:  You're becoming a real chip off the old block, Rodney.
     [Rodney slaps Betty.]
BA:  Oh.

BA:  Feel better?
RH:  No, not really.
BA:  Maybe there's still hope for you, after all, Rodney.  You still 
     think it's an insult to be told you take after your father. 

     [Rodney leaves with the pearls still in his hand.]

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