Episode 45, scene 6.

      Allison has just come out of the college movie theater and speaks 
      with her english instructor, Paul Hanley. 

PH:  There, you see, nobody lives happily ever after.
AM:  It was a depressing ending.
PH:  It was an honest ending.  Not like the fairy tale endings you see 
     at a Peyton Place movie house.  I am afraid the American culture is 
     hopelessly addicted to happy endings.
AM:  I like happy endings.  I'm afraid I'm hopelessly addicted to the 
     American culture.
PH:  You ought to like the show you're going to see in New York.  I hear 
     the ending is not only happy, it's hilarious. 
AM:  Well, It sounds wonderful.  I only wish I could go. 
PH:  I thought you were going.
AM:  No.  There was a notice on the bulletin board that said only 
     regular students could go. 
PH:  Well, don't worry about that.  As tour leader, I can get special 
     permission for you. 
AM:  Really?  Do you think you could?
PH:  No doubt about it.  Allison, what about your mother?  Do you have 
     her permission?  
AM:  Well, I haven't asked her yet, but I don't think she should object.  
     And it's sponsored by the college.
PH:  Well, The mother hen instinct can be very strong at times.  I don't 
       think you should be so sure about it until you talk to her. 
AM:  Well, If she has any serious doubts, I'll simply remind her that she was 
     my age when she went to New York all by herself.
PH:  Good.  Good.  I'll drive you home, you can ask her tonight.
AM:  All right.  Oh, no.  She won't be home yet.  She went on a date 
PH:  She's seen a lot of Elliot Carson, lately, hasn't she?
AM:  Elliot Carson?  No, she's not with Elliot Carson.  She's with Dr. 
PH:  There I go jumping to conclusions.  After seeing him at your house, 
     I assumed they were seeing each other socially.
AM:  They are hardly more than acquaintances.
PH:  Oh?

       [End of scene]

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