Episode 46, scene 6.

     Dr. Rossi is in his beach house as Paul comes to the door. 

     Paul trips over a shovel making a noise heard by Dr. Rossi.

     Rossi goes to the door and opens it.

MR:  Yes?
PH:  Dr. Rossi.  If I gave you a scare, I'm sorry.  My sister used to 
     live here.  I'm Paul Hanley.
MR:  Oh, Yes, yes.  Come in.  Come in.
PH:  I used to go for nautical junk, ship's lanterns and all, when I 
     was a kid.  When you grow up you have a change of perspective.  You 
     see things differently.

PH:  Do you like living here?
MR:  Very much.
PH:  I'm afraid I wouldn't.  I'm afraid it's not for me at all.
MR:  Well, I can see where it might have some painful associations for you.
PH:  No.  I wasn't thinking of that.  It's the clutter.
       [Rossi responds to an urge to be hospitable.]
MR:  Well, can I get you a drink?
PH:  Yes.
MR:  What would you care for?
PH:  Cognac, . . . if you have any.
MR:  Yes I have it.  Why?  Did you think I wouldn't?
PH:  Frankly, yes.
MR:  Then why did you ask for it?
       [Paul walks over to the fireplace.]
PH:  Plus qu'il chose change, plus il reste la méme chose.
       [Rossi walks over to Paul to bring his a glass.]
MR:  The more it changes, the more it remains the same.
PH:  You suprise me.
MR:  Why?
       [Rossi offers Paul a shot glass.]
PH:  Thank you.
       [Paul accepts the glass.]
PH:  You are a civilized man, Dr. Rossi.  Sorry I hesitated so long to 
     impose on your hospitality. 
MR:  Well, you shouldn't have.  Well, it's too cold outside to go around 
     looking in people's windows. 
PH:  Oh, I don't make a habit of that.  I have seen your lights many 
       times, when I've been walking along the dunes.  I walk here often. 
MR:  Well, I like to walk on the beach myself.
PH:  Do you, doctor?  Or is that just the phony sort of re-assurance 
       a doctor hands his patient?
       [Paul takes a drink.] 
MR:  You're not my patient.  And I'm not reassuring you of anything.  
     I'm simply making a statement.  That's all.  I like to take walks.

PH:  Are you a pigrim or a wayfarer?

PH:  A pilgrim.  Stands out all over you.
MR:  What do you mean, a pilgrim?
PH:  A man with a destination.
       [Paul takes another drink.]
PH:  May I [sit and have another] ?
MR:  Oh, Yes.
PH:  You're a pilgrim, Dr. Rossi.  You know where you're going.  
       [Paul sits and pours himself another drink.]
MR:  What about you?  You don't know?
PH:  I don't care, where I'm going, not where I've been.  I'm a 
     wayfarer, a wanderer.  
MR:  Mr. Hanley, why do you bother going anywhere?
PH:  I like tooking at the sights. 
MR:  And you like to talk?
PH:  That too. 
MR:  Mr. Hanley, you fling words around like a man that kicks up a cloud 
     of dust looking for some place to hide 

     [Rossi sits.]
PH:  Don't psycho-anlayze me, doctor.
MR:  Then don't come her begging to.
PH:  I didn't come here to argue with you.

PH:  This place.  This place drew me.
     [Paul stands.]
PH:  I was half afraid that if I knocked, it might not be you who 
     answered.  It was like being a little boy again, and hurrying home 
     after dark, looking for the lighted window ,the smell of the wood smoke 
     I was afraid, or I hoped, that it would be her.  I would knock and she 
     would be standing there, waiting to scold me for coming home so 
     late, to tell me to my wash hands before supper. 
       [Knock at the door three times.] 
MR:  Come in.
       [Elliot Carson comes in.]
EC:  Thank you.
PH:  Enter the second pilgrim. [Raising his glass as though to toast.]
EC:  Hello, Paul.
PH:  Elliot.
EC:  Am I interrupting something?
       [Paul stands to leave.]
PH:  No, No.  Not at all.  I have to leave anyway.  You have been more 
       than hospitable, Dr. Rossi.  Goodnight.
MR:  Good night.

       [End of scene]

The last few lines are repeated at the beginning of the next episode, 
  with slight changes.

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