Episode 49 scene 2.

     Dialog between Allison and Constance.

     Allison goes in the book gallery.

CM:  Hello, Allison.
AM:  Hello.
          [Constance is reading a book.]
AM:  Bank thermomemeter registers four above zero.
CM:  Does it?
AM:  It's cold in here, too.

AM:  It was cold this morning at breakfast.
CM:  We didn't seem to have much to say to each other.
AM:  Is that it, Mother?  Or is it what we're not saying now?
CM:  What aren't we saying?
AM:  We quarreled about trip that never took place.
AM:  You never seemed so distant to me.
CM:  I'm not distant.
AM:  Is it me?   Am I the one who is being so distant?

AM:  It wasn't so l long ago I used to say "I love you."  And you used 
     to say ... 
CM:  "I love you, too."
CM:  You began to objected to that.
AM:  I only wondered why we had to say it so often.  That's all.
AM:  I love you.
CM:  Oh, Allison.

          [Constance hugs Allison.]

CM:  Allison.

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