Episode 49 scene 4.

     Dialog between Allison Mackenzie and Matthew Swain.

     Allison goes in the Clarion.]

AM:  Uncle Matt.  Am I interrupting you?
MS:  You are.  I suppose you came here to complain.
AM:  About what?
         [Allison Closes door.]
MS:  The typographical error in the Observer column.
AM:  I didn't notice.
MS:  Well, didn't you read it?  Everyone else in Peyton Place did.
AM:  It embarasses me, now. 
MS:  Being the Observer?
AM:  I don't understand what I see.  I see things but I don't understand 
MS:  Very few people do.
AM:  Very few people have the gaul to call themselves "the Observer,"  
     and write a column in a newspaper.
MS:  A small town newspaper.
AM:  Uncle Matt's newspaper.  I just saw Betty Anderson Harrington going 
     into the courthouse.  I don't know what to call her anymore.
MS:  Annulment proceedings.
AM:  Are you going to write it up in the Clarion.
MS:  Just a factual report.
AM:  Today in Peyton County courthouse, the marriage of Rodney 
     Harrington and Betty Anderson is hereby wiped away.
MS:  Well, that's not the way it will read.
AM:  That's the way I'm going to read it.  I am getting so confused and 
     frightened.  Things keep disappearing.  And People, too. 
MS:  Calvin Hanley?
AM:  I saw that sign on the door of the store.  "Closed due to death 
     of proprietor."  Only it just read prop.  Death of Prop.  So  
     sad.  What are they going to do with the store? 
MS:  It's up for sale.
AM:  Oh.  Then there will be a new druggist.  It's very strange.  I 
     didn't really know Mr. Hanley.  But now I feel he was an old friend.  
     I used to go in there when I was little and order a soda.  I was 
     terrified of him.  I'm frightened now, Uncle Matt. 
AM:  Things change so quickly.  I just want to hold on.  I stopped in 
     and saw mother.  And I held on.  I Held on.
MS:  Didn't she hold onto you, too. 
AM:  Yes.
MS:  She needs you, Allison.
AM:  You say that in a special way.
MS:  I meant it in a very special way.
AM:  Why won't she ask me to help her?
MS:  She does, Allison.  She does.
AM:  Uncle Matt.  I'm always going to call you uncle Matt.  I wish I 
     weren't so very young. 
MS:  I wish I were.
AM:  And now the Observer is going to run away and catch her bus to 
     Peyton College.  Goodbye, Uncle Matt.

     Allison opens the door and leaves.

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