Episode 49, scene 6.

JA:  Here's the mail, doctor.  And the file on Gail Chapman.
MR:  Oh, thank you.  Is it all clear out there?
JA:  All clear.
MR:  How are you catching on?
JA:  All right, I think.  What do you think?
MR:  Well, I think you are doing very well.
JA:  Oh, I couldn't help noticing the card from Laura Brooks.
MR:  Well, post cards aren't supposed to be private, anyway.
JA:  I suppose not.
MR:  Funny, you would never think the winters would be so cold in Rome. 
JA:  Well, they have to be warmer than Peyton Place.  I wish I were 
MR:  What, in Rome?
JA:  Uh, huh.
MR:  In Laura's place, just wandering around?
JA:  Maybe not.  Just that here everything seems so hopeless.
     George in Greenvale.  Betty over there in the courthouse having her 
     marriage annuled.  Will I ever be a mother to her again, doctor?
MR:  Well, you asked the wrong question.  What you mean is, will she ever 
     be a daughter to you. 
JA:  That's what I mean.  She wouldn't let me go with her.
MR:  Well, that doesn't mean she doesn't want you there.
JA:  Doesn't it?
MR:  Julie, the indian, the american indian.  Many of the tribes have a 
     custom.  A youth will have to go off by himself out in the 
     wilderness into a solitude to search for himself before he can 
     become a warrior. 
JA:  Betty is hardly a young man, doctor.
MR:  I know.  In today's society, we all become warriors, don't we? 
JA:  At least in the courthouse, she isn't alone.
MR:  Yes, she is, Julie.  At this moment she is very much alone.

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