Annulment hearing for Betty Anderson Harrington and Rodney 
     harrington in Judge Whitley's chambers.  Atty McVey is representing 
     Betty and Theodore representing Rodney Harrington.  Rodney has 
     already been sworn in. 

CC:  Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and 
     nothing but the truth, so help you God? 
BA:  I do.
     [Betty sits by her attorney.]
     [Court Clerk sits.]
JW:  Mr. McVey, you're representing the plaintiff?
AM:  Yes, sir.
JW:  Mr. Dowell, the defendant?
TD:  Yes, your honor.
JW:  All right, let's proceed.
JW:  Your name?
BA:  Betty Harrington.
JW:  Your maiden name?
BA:  Anderson, Betty Anderson.
JW:  Your husband's name?
BA:  Rodney Harrington.
JW:  Middle name?
BA:  I don't know it.  M for something.
TD:  Martin.
BA:  Martin?
AM:  Now Betty, did Rodney Harrington ever say or do anything which made 
     you aware that he was not in fact or in feeling able to be a true 
     husband to you? 
BA:  Yes.
AM:  And what was that?
BA:  He said, he didn't want any children.
AM:  He didn't want any children at the present, or at any time?
BA:  At any time.  He didn't want anything.
JW:  Thank you.
     [To Dowell]
JW:  Do you have any questions?
TF:  No, your honor.  We concede the testimony to be in fact true.
JW:  On the basis of the testimony, court orders the judgment granted.
     The marriage entered into by the plaintiff and by Rodney M. 
     Harrington is hereby annulled.  The plaintiff is restored the use of 
     her maiden name. 
     [Betty looks incredulously at Theodore Dowell and then the judge.] 
BA:  That's all?

Court Clerk-Victor Izay.

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